‘The Boss’ In Sean John? Rapper Becomes The New Face Of Clothing Line

By: Taren Vaughan

Rick Ross is one the hottest rappers in the business right now. After making his way up North from a Miami based record label that put the likes of Trick Daddy and Trina on the map, Ross has since then hooked up with Diddy and his Dirty Money clique to put out more hit records for fans to rock to. And since he has seen much success with the music that he has put out, “The Boss” is about to see what kind of skills he has when it comes to showing off the latest threads by one of the top Hip-Hop clothing lines out.

Being in the vicinity of a man whose mind is constantly turning and coming up with new ways to keep his cash flow steady, Rick Ross has now become the new face of Sean Combs’ Sean John clothing line. The idea of becoming the new face of Diddy’s clothing line was something that Ross didn’t have to give much thought to at all:

“You know Puff is a good friend first, a mentor, and business partner. The partnership was something that came natural”

“Teflon Don”, Ross’ latest album sold over 180,000 copies in its first week. So why couldn’t he produce the same massive amount of sales for Sean John? Music and clothes don’t exactly go hand in hand as far as sales are concerned but the face behind them is what grabs people’s attention. And I’m sure Rick Ross can pull that off and have some larger men who never thought twice about rockin’ Sean John headed towards the racks in no time. He has already made his way to Macy’s where the clothes are already available to consumers nationwide.

Leaving Slip-N-Slide to become a Bad Boy seems to be playing out well in Ross’ favor. Will his string of good fortune with them continue?

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  1. Of course, Rick Ross is down with same people Diddy, Kanye, Jay Z, Rihanna, Drake, Wayne, Beyonce, and GaGa are down for. They stick together and keep each other's pockets full.

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