‘The Queen Of Soul’ Wants Keyshia Cole To Write Her A Song

By: Taren Vaughan
Throughout her entire career, Singer Keyshia Cole has been praised for her vocal skills and has been noted to carry the same swag and grace as the “Queen of Hip-Hop Soul” herself better known as Mary J. Blige. As she has gained thousands of fans that love her urban, “Keep It Real” flare and chart topping melodies, her work has been recognized by some iconic figures in the music industry. And one of the female greats has come to Cole asking that she break out her pen and pad and write a song for her.

R&B legend Aretha Franklin has recently come to Keyshia Cole asking her to come up with a new track for her to sing. And Cole let it be known about The Queen of Soul’s request to her via Twitter:

“Aretha Franklin called me 2 months ago 4 me to write one for her. Also monica and faith”

Having Aretha Franklin come to you for a song is nothing to smirk at at all. This diva doesn’t ask just any ole body to write a song for her to sing. It’s most definitely an honor and a privilege for her to come to you for a favor like that.

So how will the song turn out if the two get together?

We all know Cole’s track record as she has delivered non-stop hits since her debut album back in 2004. From the club bangers to the heartfelt love songs, Keyshia Cole does have the rare ability to make instant magic in the studio. But will she be able to produce a hit for a woman who is not just a fellow R&B artist but a living legend?

Aretha Franklin is an iconic figure in the music industry and is well respected by music heads of all ages. Keyshia will have to come hard when it comes to laying down a track for her.

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