Dry Spells: How To Keep Your Skin Hydrated During The Winter Months

Don’t let the cold weather get the best of your skin.

By: Taren Vaughan

It’s already enough having to deal with the foul weather that can come along with the wintertime. But I think there is nothing worse than having to deal with dry skin for months at a time. As many of us already suffer from the “Flaky Syndrome”, nothing makes it worse than having to battle it when cold weather rolls around. Even after using all of the skin care products in the world, some people just can’t seem to keep their skin moisturized. If you just so happen to be one of those individuals who have dry skin spells more often than you like, there may be some other ways that you can get your skin to that healthy point that you have been hoping for:

8 Hours A Day Will Keep The Dry Spells Away

It’s a known fact that getting the proper rest results in having more energy and leaves your body refreshed. But do you realize how much good sleep can do for your skin? Getting the recommended amount of sleep every night, eight hours to be exact, can keep your skin from becoming overly dry during the harsher seasons.

Proper Eating And Regular Exercise

As with anything pertaining to health, eating the right foods and getting an adequate amount of exercise can do the trick when trying to maintain pure and healthy skin. Fruits and vegetables are worthy of being on your dinner plate as they contain high amounts of the vitamins that are needed in order for your skin to maintain its glow. Drinking plenty of water on an everyday basis is essential for keeping your dry days to a minimum during the winter months as well. As for exercising, breaking a sweat in the gym serves as a way to keep your blood flowing, providing oxygen to all your body’s cells, including skin cells.

Pat Down Instead Of Rub Down

Dry skin can be heavily contributed to the way in which you dry off after getting out of the shower. Using towels that are made out of rough fabric can do a number on your skin, causing it to lose its moisture. Switching to a softer material when it comes to bath towels and wash cloths can help prevent excess flaking of the skin and help with locking in the moisture.

Warm Showers Only

Taking a nice hot shower is the one thing that many of us tend to do, especially after a long workout at the gym or after spending hours outside in the sun. As letting your body sit in a tub of blazing hot water sounds like a great way to wash all of your germs away, it’s not necessarily the best way to go. Taking numerous hot showers every day can cause serious damage to the layers of your skin. Cooler showers and baths will reduce skin damage significantly. But if you are anything like me and can’t stand to take cool showers, reduce the amount of time that you spend taking the hot ones.

Be Choosey With Your Soaps And Lotions

Certain soaps can have a tendency to further dry out your skin in addition to taking hot showers. As some of our skin can be a little oilier than others, selecting the right soap to use is an important thing to do when trying to keep your skin healthy. Try to stick with soaps that have low alkali levels as too much of the element can be damaging to your skin. Not only is choosing the right soap a must, the type of lotions and skin creams that you use are just as vital to rejuvenating your dry skin. Natural remedies like using Aloe Vera are great for the skin as it is an herb and does not contain any extra chemicals or additives unlike other products. For those who have extremely dry skin, Vaseline and Eucerin, which is used a lot by people who have Eczema, work wonders in providing that extra, long lasting moisture to the skin. Thick creams are especially good for the feet as they can have a tendency to become cracked during the colder seasons.

Use A Humidifier At Night

Humidifiers are not only good for those who are suffering from the common cold or allergies. They can help with your dry skin troubles as well. The humidifier functions as a way to trap water in your skin, thus leaving it fully hydrated throughout the night. In addition to turning on the humidifier, nightly regimens like wearing gloves or socks to bed after putting coats of lotion or cream on your hands and feet can lead you to developing softer skin.

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