The Truth About Natural Hair

Natural hair is…well just read the article.

By: Amanda Anderson
There’s a false perpetration of natural hair that is causing the demise of many new naturals. Seems like natural hair has gotten the reputation of easy, convenient, and even so simple as wash and go.
And the other side of the argument paints natural hair in a totally different light. To these people, natural hair is hard, difficult, frustrating, and too time consuming, It is this image that keeps many sisters from forsaking relaxers, and too damn terrified to let new growth be anything more than just a cue to head to the beauty salon.
Although these polarizing descriptions of natural hair have some truths, neither is the whole truth. But both sides must be addressed so women can better understand natural hair, and then just maybe we can start making better decisions on rather we should even take the plunge, or stick to the creamy crack.
Here’s the truth about natural hair.
Natural hair requires a learning curve. If you’re not willing to learn, you don’t need to go natural.
I’ll be the realist here and tell you that I didn’t expect natural hair to be easy nor hard. My sister took the plunge before me, and I watched her learn how to properly take care of her natural texture. She put in a lot of time researching products, learning different styling methods, and exploring the uniqueness of her texture. Seeing this firsthand let me know that this wouldn’t be easy, but it wasn’t hard either, only because I observed that learning is the one thing that separates the frustrated naturals from the happy naturals. 
You have to approach natural hair like a course because that is exactly what it is. You will always learn more about your hair, and the more you learn, the more manageable it becomes.
You have to learn how to do your own hair, or you won’t be natural for long.
Why do you think there are so many natural hair tutorials on YouTube?
It’s not because people have nothing better to do. It’s because you will be your own hairstylist the majority of your time as a natural. Yes, you will have to learn how to twist and braid your own hair. You’ll have to learn the good products from the bad. And you will have to learn patience, since it takes plenty of it to get the hang of all of these things. If styling your hair is still difficult after watching tutorials, natural hair just may not be for you. 
If you need a hair stylist, you’d be better off with a relaxer.
Wash and Go’s aren’t enough, so learn multiple styles.
Wash and Go’s are better suited for tiny fros, than longer tresses. So expect to do some work, and get accustomed to actually styling your hair. If you get used to this early, natural hair will be easier to manage.
Maintenance is a must.
There’s a rumor that natural hair doesn’t require much maintenance…that is a lie.
As a natural, you will have to detangle, deep condition, moisturize, style, protect, and more. This isn’t a care free lifestyle. You may not need to go to a hair salon every 6 weeks, but you will have to take care of your hair daily to keep it healthy.
Be your own inspiration.
There may be many natural hair bloggers and Youtubers, but you’re going to be your biggest teacher. And since that’s the case, you should also be your biggest inspiration. Love your own hair, and set your own hair goals. When we aspire to be like others or have hair like others, we’re always let down. Love being a natural for your own reasons, because there will be many that see this as a trend, and they won’t last long. Don’t allow yourself to get disappointed, when you can see the beauty in your own hair.
So is natural hair hard, or is it easy? How about neither. It requires work, but it isn’t impossible to conquer. I’ve learned that it’s always best to have patience, and healthy hair is more important than anything else. Focus on keeping your hair healthy, and over time, natural hair won’t be a burden, but one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.  


  1. this is a great article. I went natural about 3 years ago and i found all of these things to be true. sometimes when i get tired of taking care of my natural hair I'll put in a weave because yes, while natural hard isn't hard it does take time.

  2. Very interesting article. I, too, have gone natural. I am also enjoying finding new and natural oils to take care of my hair. (I used to frequent beauty supply stores for hair care products, but now, I use natural and wholesome oils and herbs to help restosre my hair's health, like henna, amla, and almond oil.

  3. I've been natural for 2 1/2 yrs and its one of the most trying things with my hair that I've ever been through.It became more time consuming the longer it grew. Its definitely a learning experience since you spend most of your early life with a relaxer. Honestly once you get the hang of it its an awarding experience. I actually have nightmares about relaxing and i wake up feeling my hair making sure its still natural lol. Just like the first comment, if i want to wear a different style instead of manipulating my hair, why not wear weaves or wigs? Its a "go hard or go home" type of ordeal, because if not youre better off with a relaxer.

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