Thirsty Females Or A Triflin’ Man? Who Is To Blame For Cheating?

When it comes to cheating, is the man to blame or the women that come on to him?

By: Taren Vaughan

Cheating is one of the most common things that results in breaks ups. And in some cases, can lead to all out fist fights, shredded clothes and busted car windows. The act itself is viewed as the ultimate sin when it comes to exclusive partnerships. And will virtually ruin long standing relationships that you have developed with a significant other. As cheating is something that is frowned upon by many, how does it even come about at all? Who really is to blame for it all? Do all fingers point at your man or are they directed towards the females that he is messing around with?

Unless he has an extreme case of amnesia or is totally out of his mind, your man is fully aware of the fact that he is in a relationship with you and ONLY you. And he should clearly understand the loyalty aspect that goes along with it. Well, let’s at least hope that he does. And because of this, he knows exactly what he is getting himself into when he makes the decision to sleep with another woman. But hearing it from him, he will say that his inability to be faithful to you is so hard because of the women that he is surrounded by. They just can’t seem to keep their hands, and needless to say, other body parts off of him so he is forced to give them what they want.

Is it that hard for your man to keep his penis in his pants? Or do those “triflin’” females just really get the best of him?

Surprisingly, some women see absolutely no problem placing the blame on…the other woman. I wish you could see my face right now. Instead of accepting the fact that your man was triflin’ all on his own, with little help from his side piece, we try our hardest to blame it all on the other woman that he was screwing; or if your man gets it poppin’ like that, add a plural to that “woman”. “Oh, he just can’t help himself because all these hoes just make it so hard for him to be faithful”

Um excuse me? I must have missed something here. So you mean to tell me that you believe this nonsense? That the temptation from other women is just too much for your man to handle thus leading him to cheat? How naïve and gullible have some of us become ladies?

Please don’t buy into this BS because that’s exactly what it is.

When a man is seriously committed to a woman and truly values the relationship that they have with each other, cheating will be the last thing on his mind. Will he ever look the way of an attractive woman walking by? Of course he will. No one said he wasn’t human and would never have the urge to glance at another woman other than his wife or girlfriend. But for him to totally step outside of the relationship would be something that he wouldn’t dare do in fear that he might lose a good thing.

The temptation is strong out there for men as more and more women have totally lost all self respect for themselves. They are willing to jump into bed with anyone who has dollar signs written on their foreheads or just simply deems themselves worthy of some casual sex. Although this is true, think about all the temptation that surrounds you on a daily basis. From co-workers that you work closely with to men at your church who sit right next to us in the pew, we run into fine brothers all the time and still manage to keep our hormones under control. So can’t our men do the same thing?

At the end of the day, cheating is a want, a desire to try something new and different with no regards whatsoever to the person that you are so-called committed to. It’s not an uncontrollable condition that one develops and can’t get over. It’s about making choices. And for your sake, you would hope that your man makes the correct one. Try to blame other women for your man’s lack of self control if you want to. Truth of the matter is that he is the guilty party, whether you want to admit it or not.


  1. I disagree that the man is the ONLY guilty party. If a woman knows a man is in a relationship, and agrees to participate in cheating activities, she's wrong as well. It's not even Godly behavior to participate in the deceiving of others. So let's not give these females a pass in participating in that kind of behavior.Otherwise, I enjoyed this article.

  2. Of course the man isn't the only guilty party. But he is however the MAIN one. There are plenty of women out there who fully believe that it is the other women's fault that their men cheat and that is not true at all. There are instants where the other women have no idea at all about the relationships that these men have. So how can they be charged as guilty parties? They can however be charged as guilty if they are well aware of the fact that the man has a girlfriend or wife. Either way, the man himself knows that he is committed to his woman regardless of whether or not the woman he is cheating with knows it or not. Thanks for your comments and glad you enjoyed the article

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