Dr. Conrad Murray Goes To Trial For Michael Jackson’s Death

By: Taren Vaughan

It’s now approaching the two year mark since the untimely death of pop icon Michael Jackson; one of which was said to have been caused by an overdose of a sleeping medication. And Dr. Conrad Murray, Jackson’s private physician has been the center of the blame for the singer’s passing. Murray previously admitted to giving the superstar a series of drugs, one being Propofol, a powerful anesthetic, to help him sleep. But sadly, the amount that Jackson received was fatal and took his life at the young age of 50.

Even though he is the one faced with a manslaughter charge, Murray still claims his innocence, claiming that Jackson was responsible for his own overdose and he had nothing to do with administering it to him. Have eye witnesses from the scene tell their stories though, Murray was much more concerned about making sure no evidence was visible at the arrival of the paramedics at Jackson’s estate.

To top it all off, the phone call made to 911 came nearly 30 minutes after he found Jackson’s breathless body. Doesn’t seem to quite add up there. Between the hurried attempt to stash away drugs to the delayed response to contacting outside help, even without an official trial, Murray has the look of a guilty man in the eyes of many.

Luckily for him though, by law he is due a fair trial here and will be given one soon. And although he is holding to his word that he is innocent, both Murray and his lawyer knew that this day was coming:

“We knew we would be in trial and that’s where we’re going to end up.” – Attorney Ed Chernoff

If Murray is found guilty, losing his medical license will be the least of his troubles. He could face up to four years in prison. How will this trial turn out? Will Dr. Murray be found guilty of the death of one of the world’s most talented entertainers? Or was it all just some hefty speculation going on?

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