Praying For Positivity In Your Life

Want positive things to happen in your life? Simply pray to God for them.

By: Taren Vaughan

Throughout our life journeys, there are individual things that we strive for. Some of us can have a very small number of things that we are looking to achieve while down here on Earth while other of us may have a list full of things that we hope to do. Each and every one of us is different when it comes to that. But although the things that each of us are working towards may not be the exact same, there is however one thing that we all are looking to have in our lives. And that is positivity.

Having positivity gives you the strength and courage to overcome the obstacles that you are faced with. It fuels the faith that you have in God to get you over the difficult moments that you find yourself in from time to time. When positive things happen to us in the midst of life’s trials and tribulations, we can get through them. Just simply knowing that even when you are faced with some of the worst times in your life, there will always be those good things, those positive occurrences that let you know that everything is going to be just fine.

Positivity is the one thing that we all should pray to have in our lives. So what do you do if you want God to bless you with positive things in your life? Ask Him for them. Take the time out to pray to God and sincerely let Him know that you want to receive His blessings that He has store with open arms. But just like with anything else that we ask God for, in order to receive it we must obey Him and follow His word as the believers that we claim ourselves to be.

It is a wonderful thing to obtain positivity in your life. But it is even more wonderful to maintain and keep it. Not to say that you will never face a hard time again in your life because we know that that is not true. But you will be able to face them much better with those positive aspects being there. So encourage those who you see struggling with maintaining a good attitude about what they are going through to pray for positivity. It is one thing that God gives you that no one can take away from you if you keep the faith and continuously pray for it.

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