Auto-Tune Meets Education: Rapper T-Pain Gives Free Concert To Arizona Students

By: Taren Vaughan

Mr. “Auto-Tune” himself, Rapper T-Pain has laced many tracks with his patented sound that was originally brought to the music scene by the old school R&B group Zapp. He’s been kind of quiet lately, with a couple cameo appearances here and there. But now he’s back and doing more than just adding his two cents in on a chorus.

T-Pain is now about to be apart of the Textbooks and Tickets Tour for students at Arizona based universities where he will be doing a DJ set. The event itself is to promote online textbook rentals that are purchased through To rent the books, students are to text their respective school codes to get them free of charge.

Now the Textbooks and Tickets Tour sounds great. But how do you feel about the person that they are choosing to be a headliner for it?

Didn’t think T-Pain would be first up on their list of notable candidates for the job.

As I’m sure this won’t be anything like School House Rock, heavily encouraging education and why it is so important to understand its value. Yeah, I highly doubt that. But I will say that it is good to see artists take the time out of their day to do something positive other than star in trashy music videos with half naked women in them. That is a Rap trend I’m sure many of us can live without.

T-Pain will perform at 8:30 p.m. this coming Saturday.

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