Floyd And 50: The Next Denzel And Will?

Champion boxer and Hip-Hop mogul take on film project.

By: Taren Vaughan

It’s not a secret that Rapper 50 Cent is always thinking of new ways to make money. Even after selling millions of records and filling store shelves with his ever so popular Vitamin Water drinks, the music mogul has, like many of his other industry peers, has dabbled in the movie industry, starring in his own film “Get Rich Or Die Trying”, titled after his debut album, and numerous other projects.

As 50 isn’t the worst that’s ever done it by far, he has continued his reign in the movie industry and has decided to take on yet another film, “Tomorrow Today”. Only this time he is bringing along a new partner in crime with him. And it’s none other than Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. The two are teaming up for the upcoming silver screen action film that is said to begin shooting this summer.

Now boxing is supposed to be Money May’s forte. So what’s with the sudden interest in the acting game?

To sum it all up, the champ simply said:

“I won’t be able to box forever”

Well you have a point there Floyd. That body of his won’t allow him to be in the ring for a lifetime. So joining forces with 50 was probably right up his alley. The film will be released through Cheetah Visions Film Company. 50 is also promoting a few other films that he will be starring in too. With all this film roles coming out of the woodworks, I’m starting to forget that he ever had a rap career. Too busy trying to get his “Denzel” on I guess. But one thing about 50 Cent is that he appears to be a good businessman and knows how to make that money.

Can’t say this is a bad move yet or not seeing as though we haven’t caught a glimpse of Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s acting skills. God knows some celebs don’t even need to go anywhere near the acting scene but can’t fight the temptation. But he could do it big and it could turn into a nice chunk of change for him. And we all know he would have no problem with that.

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