Activating Your Weapon When You’re Faced With A Challenge

When you are faced with hard times, activate your weapon, not your gun, not your fist but your faith.By: Taren Vaughan

This past Sunday, I was inspired. Inspired by a pastor by the name of Cory Graves, whose church I have been attending in Greensboro, North Carolina since I moved back to the Triad Area in 2009. Not only does he preach the word of God to his congregation. But the most important thing that he does as the head of White Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church is that he speaks a lot of truth when it comes to his sermons. And with this particular sermon, the things he was saying really hit home for me and the things that I was going through, not just a week ago but throughout my life in general.I have faced challenges in my life on several occasions as I’m sure many of you have. Some of them were not as heart wrenching as others and some of them were so hard to deal with that I didn’t know how in the world I was going to make it through at times, had me wondering when I was ever going to smile again. But once I activated my weapon, the faith that I have in God, I was able to withstand my struggles a whole lot better.

You see, you can proclaim that you have faith in God all day long. But until you fully activate it, it is of no help to you at all. For what is a gun with no bullets? An empty weapon. A gun with no bullets is the same thing that non-activated faith is…useless. Don’t be afraid to pull your weapon out and use it. Having faith that God will correct a situation and has a solution for any problem that comes your way is one thing. But really truly and honestly exercising it is another. Don’t let your faith be your empty weapon. Load it up; it’s time to activate it and watch God work wonders in your life.


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