The ‘Real’ Housewives Of Atlanta: Are There Still Any Left?

Are there any REAL housewives left in the A?

By: Taren Vaughan

Bravo’s hit reality show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” has had viewing audiences on the edge of their seats since its first airing back in October of 2008. Whether it be watching Kim and NeNe constantly going in on each other or Sheree’ changing up her career path with each episode, this show has most of us clearing our schedules at 10:00pm sharp on Sunday nights, in fear that we might miss out on some serious drama going down. RHOA is by far one of the most attention grabbing, jaw dropping Real Housewives series of them all, but with all the turmoil that has gone on amongst these couples this season and past ones, who is really still a true housewife?
As I bring up a subject that I’m sure most of you have thought about, the first person that comes to mind is none other than the “songstress” of the group, Kim Zolciak.

For the past seasons, everyone was well aware of her love affair with her mystery man “Big Papa”. You remember him right? The married man that was spending thousands of dollars on her and her daughters, keeping them well pampered and taken care of. As he remained nameless and only referred to by his alias, Kim actually had us all believing that she had something creditable with Big Papa, like a real relationship. Correction. She had herself believing that nonsense, not us. First of all, you can’t have a real relationship with another woman’s man so I don’t even know who planted that foolish seed in her head. Furthermore, you aren’t married to this man Kim. So again I ask, what really makes you a housewife?

Oh but Kim is not the only ring-less one out of the bunch. Although Sheree’ was married to former NFL player Bob Whitfield, she bears no ring either at this point. Once a wife, not always a wife. No diss to Sheree’ but hey, it’s the truth. The real singer of the RHOA clique, former Xscape member Kandi was engaged to her love A.J.. But sadly did not get to take that trip down the aisle after he tragically died after a severe injury that he suffered from a night club brawl. Kandi was on her way but unfortunate circumstances leaves her in the single crew.

Now NeNe still rocks a ring on her finger. But for how much longer though? With all of the issues that have surfaced between her and husband Gregg, it may not be long before she is rollin’ solo herself. And if that happens, who will be left? Phaedra and Cynthia?

Looking back at the original cast, DeShawn Snow, now ex-wife of NBA player Eric Snow, was one of the few legitimate housewives that the show had. But of course, she was deemed the boring one out of the bunch. And no one ever takes a liking to the boring one in a reality TV show. Just doesn’t work out too well for them. Housewife alum, Lisa Wu-Hartwell, truly lived up to the wife title as well. But financial troubles stifled her from being able to keep up with the other women.

And you know you gotta have that money right if you call yourself a housewife; At least you do when you’re one from the A.

The only wives period that still remain are Phaedra, NeNe and hopefully Cynthia, if her and Peter can finally get themselves together. Otherwise, the list of real housewives is growing quite slim down there in the Peach State of Georgia. And as much as I, and plenty of other ladies and gents love this show, I’m starting to feel that it doesn’t fully live up to its name. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

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