Place Your Bets: Who Will Take It All In This Year’s Super Bowl?

Go Pack Go or Black and Yellow…Which Team Are You Rockin’ With?

By: Taren Vaughan

The beginning of February holds much significance for various reasons. Not just because it’s the start of a new month. But because it’s is one of the biggest moments in NFL football each and every season…the Super Bowl that is. This Sunday, millions of football fanatics across the nation will be flooding bars, stuffing their faces with all kinds of greasy, calorie packed goodies and for the lucky gamblers out there, adding a nice chunk of change to their pockets. Super Bowl XLV will be hosted in the Dallas Cowboys’ stadium in Arlington, North Texas. Too bad the Boys in Blue were no where near Super Bowl status this season as this is the first time that the event will be held in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

As many of us look forward to the hilarious commercials that air during the Super Bowl, courtesy of Budweiser and other notable advertisers, the game itself can have you losing your voice way before the half time show starts. And if it’s a close one, which many are anticipating it to be, there could be a few lost friendships and damn near physical altercations after it’s all said and done. Oh yeah, it can get pretty ugly when a person’s team goes down.

Out of all the most recent Super Bowls, this has to be one of the most hyped, with theme songs and all to accompany it. It started off with Wiz Khalifa’s “Black And Yellow” song that goes hard in the club and on radio stations alike. And Lil’ Wayne just couldn’t help himself and came out with a “Green and Yellow” track, reppin’ for the cheese heads of the ‘Bay.

Steeler fans were already proudly throwin’ towels in the faces of the opposing teams’ fans. And now thanks to Wiz, they have a song to go long with it. The songs, the towels, hats, jerseys and all the other displays of team spirit are great and all, but when it comes down to it, who would you bet your last dollar on? The Packers of Green Bay, coming straight out of Wisconsin? Or the Black and Yellow crew, hailing from Wiz Khalifa’s stomping ground?

Even if you check the stats for both teams for the season, take a thorough look at the monstrous defense that both squads bring to the table and the souls of the offense, their quarterbacks, on any given Sunday, it can could be anybody’s ball game as far as pro football is concerned.

Whether you choose to wave a “Terrible Towel” or wear a block of cheese on your head, trust and believe that this game will be intense and has the full potential to go down to the wire. And that would be the case with or without the hype of any song or towel involved.

But when it’s all said and done, only one team will take the title as Super Bowl XLV champs.

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