Beauty…Is A Beast: Is Halle Berry Always the Culprit in Her Break-Ups?

The real Ms. Berry is revealed during nasty custody battle with ex-boyfriend.

By: Taren Vaughan

Actress Halle Berry has been on the acting scene for quite some time now, often referred to as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. As not many can argue with her gorgeous outward appearance, her personality has been said to be much the opposite. We’ve seen her experience two divorces, the first being with former MLB All-Star David Justice from a marriage that lasted until 1997 and the second one with R&B singer Eric Benet. One of her most recent unions of hers has been with Canadian model Gabriel Aubry. And as expected, the couple split, leaving Ms. Berry as a single lady once again. Only difference this time is that a child came out of this relationship. The former couple is engaging in a public battle for custody over 2 year old daughter Nahla. And now all of the “mysteries” of Mr. Aubry are now spilling out. One of which has said him to be a racist.

It has been said that Aubry did not particularly care for people referring to his daughter as a black girl. Whoa now. So you mean to tell me that this the man is a racist because he didn’t want his daughter to be considered “black”?

Did we forget that Halle Berry’s mother is a white woman? I guess we are going off of the old way of thinking: If your father is an African American, then you are still labeled as being black, point blank period. If this is the case, then yes, Halle Berry is just as black as you and I. Oh but wait, her daughter’s father is white, so what does that mean? Back to the matter at hand though, how does his dislike of people calling his child “black” prove that he hates black people? Please explain this because I am extremely lost.

But now this is very interesting though. There was no talk of her boyfriend being a racist when you all first got together. So now all of a sudden, he is supposed to be some “N—r hater” that openly drops the “N” word more than Richard Pryor? Yeah, I don’t think so. Furthermore, knowing that your boyfriend has a problem with the color of your skin and your culture, why on Earth would you proceed to have a child with this man?

On top of the fact that her former beau is trying to maintain custody of their 2 year old daughter, Berry is also not too thrilled about his public outing with socialite Kim Kardashian. The two were spotted at The Staples Center, enjoying a Lakers vs. Warriors game.

So she’s mad that he has been kickin’ it with Kim? That’s understandable. Don’t think I’d want my child keepin’ up with any Kardashian, let alone Kim. Or could the gist of her anger be because of her loss of the role in the upcoming movie that she was supposed to be in?

No offense but what is the last GOOD movie that Halle Berry has been in? I highly doubt this next one would have been Oscar worthy, I’m just saying. Whatever it is that has her feathers ruffled, she is bound and determined to make sure that her ex does not have sole custody over their daughter. And judging by all the comments that have been made thus far from both parties, once again Berry is not the one to blame.

Halle, I’m not quite sure if people are still buying into your “Damsel in Distress” role. Think it has run its course by now. If he isn’t a sex addict, he’s a racist. Always something wrong with the man huh? Something just doesn’t seem right with this picture. And it was a known fact that she wanted to have children, which may have been her motive to get into a relationship with Aubry in the first place. Oh, don’t believe what I’m saying? Peep a quote from an alleged email that she wrote in reference to the real purpose of keeping her man around:

“You were only good for one thing… Thanks for the donation”

Can’t get much more cut throat than that.

What people have to realize is that just because you are a beautiful person and have a sizeable amount of money to your name, doesn’t mean that you are deemed to be the perfect partner when it comes to relationships. Celebrity or not, we all have personal flaws. And unfortunately for some, those flaws that we have keep us from having those long lasting, HEALTHY relationships that we are dying to have.

Love her or hate her, I’m sure that we all want to see Berry’s daughter taken care of and spared of the drama that could come about from this nasty split. As far as her and her bouts with love go, it all just goes to show you that beauty can’t save you from heart ache, public embarrassment or ridicule.

So is Beauty really the Beast that some have claimed her to be? Guess you’ll never know unless you yourself have her on your arm.

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