Beauty Secrets: “How Do I Keep My Nails From Breaking?”

Our nails can be one of our greatest beauty accessories, if we manage to keep them from breaking.

By: Amanda Anderson
Q. I have been trying to grow my nails out for a very long time. And this is a decision I made after deciding to start wearing my natural nails. But I have a hard time keeping them from breaking, and it’s really hindering my progress. What can I do to prevent nail breakage?
A. A gorgeous set of nails is just about every woman’s dream. But for those of us who have chosen to rock our natural nails, it can be a real headache. But I’ll let you in on a little secret. The biggest weapon in preventing nail breakage is…nail polish! Yes, nail polish.
Most nail polish brands include nail hardeners in their formulas. To get the most out of any polish with hardeners, you’d need to keep your nails painted. I noticed for me, I don’t experience any breakage until my nails chip, and the part of the nail that breaks is always the part that is chipped and lacking polish. And when I skip manicures, I break tips. Now some will tell you to change your diet, take your vitamins, etc., but honestly, it’s keeping your nails polished that will keep your nails strong, growing, and less likely to break. Try painting your nails at least once a week, and you should see a difference. I know I have.
Hope this helps.

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