‘I Love You Baby’…But Only For Today

Why is Valentine’s Day the only day that he expresses his love for you?

By: Taren Vaughan

Valentine’s Day is the day that many women look forward to and many men dread because they have to often spend hours on end doing the one thing that a lot of them hate to do…shop. However, this day of love can bring a lot of joyous moments for couples who choose to celebrate it. Engagement rings are given, anniversaries are celebrated, and a number of beautiful things can come from February 14th. As all of these things are very wonderful, in the midst of the good that arises from Valentine’s Day, a lot of the fakeness comes out of people too. One of the biggest things being them dropping the “I Love You” phrase.

Saying that you love someone isn’t a bad thing to do. Being in love is a wonderful thing and any of us who have truly been in love know that firsthand. But when you feel the need to say it only because it’s Valentine’s Day, that is a problem. And if this is the only time of the year when your man has the sudden urge to do something nice for you, that ain’t the business either. Crazy thing is though that some women are just fine with this. Since we have a tendency to be very competitive when it comes to our relationships, if our man does something special, and for some women “special” means “expensive”, for us on V-Day, he suddenly becomes a saint in our eyes. And has us braggin’ to our girls about what he bought us and how much money he spent. In the process of glorifying your “Prince Charming”, you totally dismiss the fact that this man has been a complete asshole to you for the other 364 days out of the year.

You mean to tell me that a man could treat you like pure trash for an entire year and just because he steps his game up for one day, you are screaming that he is the best thing in the world? Be for real. Just because he does this does not mean that for one, his actions are sincere. Secondly, why can’t he seem to be more like this everyday instead of just for this 24 hour period? Love is supposed to be a year around thing. Not something that is only shown on select holidays or whenever he gets the random urge to do so.

Am I being too harsh about a day that is supposed to be so full of love?

May seem like it but I have to kick the truth about all this. Speaking for myself, I have never been big on a man spending insane amounts of money on me. Do I like nice things? Absolutely I do. What woman doesn’t like being wined and dined from time to time. But when it all comes down to it, wouldn’t you rather your man have some meaning behind the things that he says and does for you? And not do it all for show?

If it comes down to a guy spending the very last dollar in his pocket to show you how much you mean to him, he can save it. Because if you truly know that your man loves you, is it really necessary that he go out and spending excessive amounts of money on you for this one day out of the year? Is it really that important to you that he does that?

Quite frankly, getting an expensive gift from a man, topped off with a fake “I Love You” is not something that will warm my heart. Sincerity, honesty, and respect are the only things that do that. And there are no price tags that you can put on those. His “I Love You” should mean something. And he shouldn’t say it because he feels pressured to by a holiday where people go damn near broke just to show someone that they care about them.

True love is free of charge. It will never rip like a shirt, get lost like a necklace, worn out like a teddy bear, wither like a rose or bust like a balloon. It will never get old. And the word itself should not be abused because of the mere presence of a baby with a bow and arrow.

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