Peaceful Partnerships: Do You Ask God To Bless Your Relationships?

You pray for so many things but is your relationship one of them?

By: Taren Vaughan

In this day and age, getting into a serious relationship is not as easy as it once was. Living in a society that heavily promotes promiscuity and one that is flooded with individuals who do not take relationships or marriages for that matter seriously, it is no surprise that many people’s unions don’t last long at all. Why do we have such a hard time when it comes to finding happiness and maintaining it? Could it be that nobody takes the time out to do one key thing when it comes to their relationships? And that is pray over them.

We pray for everything else under the sun. Pray for health, strength, wealth, prosperity, fame. But rarely do some of us pray over our relationships and marriages as if it is a given that just because we got with someone that we have a lot of feelings for that somehow there is no way that the partnership will fail. That’s where we are wrong. Asking for God to bless your relationship is extremely important and essential to the quality of it.

We take the time out to pray for everything else that is going on in our lives, so shouldn’t we pray for peace in our partnerships?

People wonder why their relationships don’t last or why they always seem to be filled with drama and turmoil. It’s because they never pray over them. But here’s the other thing about praying for your relationship. Both parties must engage in it. The praying can’t just fall on your shoulders. Your partner should think enough of your relationship to pray for its growth and stability as well. They too should deem it necessary to talk to God and pray that He leads you both in the right direction and guides you down the path that He wants you to go.

Despite what we may think, relationships are not held together by expensive gifts, sex, or all of the above. And they are not only held together by the love that you have for the other person either. Relationships are ultimately held together by God. He is the glue that truly bonds you and your partner together. On the other hand, He also has the power to intervene when He feels as though your relationship is too toxic and unholy. Now you know why you and that person didn’t work out. Most likely, it was something that God himself was trying to tear apart.

Relationships are hard work. They have their great moments when everything between you and your partner could absolutely get no better. And then there are times when you feel like nothing seems to be going right. Those are the ups and downs that come along with relationships of all kind. But if you both come to Him with sincere hearts and pray that He blesses your union, God will hear your voices. And if you are doing things the right way, your relationship will have a true foundation, one that is of God.

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  1. I couldn't agree with this more! People stray away from God and choose to not make him apart of their life and then question why things seem to fall apart and they have so much negativity flooding their life. I believe when you truly serve God and allow him to have your life you will be so blessed. All things work together for those who serve the Lord. God should be the third party in any lasting healthy relationship.

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