Back Up Bey, It’s Kim’s Turn To Shine

Kim Kardashian speaks on upcoming single, claiming she is No Beyonce’.

By: Taren Vaughan

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is always getting into something new every time we turn around. Whether it be starting her own line of workout videos or running around town with a new man on her arm, she remains to be the hot topic of conversation amongst the avid celebrity followers. And now she is headed to the studio to lay down a track. And you’ll never guess who is encouraging her to do all of this? It’s none other than singer/producer The Dream.

Kim Kardashian on The Dream’s influence of the song:

“You know, it was something that I was really uncomfortable and nervous about, and [The-Dream] really just wanted me to step outside of my box and try something I’ve never done before”

Hold up, is this the same person who has worked with some the hottest artists in the
music industry? He is the one fueling this potential hot mess that is about to hit the airwaves?

Yes, The Dream is the one pushing Kim towards the studio. It was not solely her idea to take on this project. But she has assured everyone that we are not going to get Beyonce’ and not to expect her to blow us out of the water with her voice.

I’m sorry but when did Kim Kardashian become a vocalist? Did we miss something here?

Never heard her sing one note, so I guess we can’t be too harsh before the beat drops. And there is one positive thing about the production of this track and that is that the song will benefit charity (a cancer organization). So whether she sounds like Beyonce’ or sounds like someone is putting her out of her misery, something good will definitely come out of all this.

From porn star to popular socialite, now to singer? Damn, we really can’t keep up with the Kardashians, especially not this one.

Her single “Turn It Up” is set to drop in about 3 weeks.

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  1. I think we have "Tardy for the Party" to thank for this one….. It's definitely a smart business move for The Dream because I'm sure there will be those to support the project just based on her name alone.

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