Sound Off: Carmelo Anthony Headed To The Empire State…Smart Move For The Knicks?

Readers give their thoughts on recent trade that is sending Carmelo Anthony to the NY Knicks.

By: Taren Vaughan

Aside from Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade to name a few, Carmelo Anthony is yet another superstar that any team in the NBA would be crazy to pass on. And would give up almost there entire bench if they could to secure him a spot on their roster. Although the New York Knicks didn’t give up everybody, they did however trade away some notable players like point guard Raymond Felton, who was finally finding his spark after several lukewarm seasons with the Charlotte Bobcats. With this trade, the Knicks sacrificed four of their current players, a first round draft pick, two second round picks and $3 million.

Was getting Carmelo worth all of that? Let’s see what some of our readers had to say:

“I always thought Melo would end up in NY with Amar’e. I just had a gut feeling about it the entire time. The combination of the two is what any coach would hope for, and most of them never get the chance to have two players of that caliber on the same squad”

-Michael B.
Age: 24
Washington, DC

“People keep saying that the Knicks gave up a lot in this trade, way more than they probably should have. Yeah, six players and 3 mill is nothing to smirk at but you gotta understand what they are getting in return. Two words…Carmelo Anthony. And let’s not forget that they also acquired Sheldon Williams and veteran Chauncey Billups with this trade too”

-Kendall R.
Age: 31
Charleston, SC

“The Knicks have 28 games left in the season right now. So if the question is will this trade help them improve their position in the East? Chances are it won’t go down like that. You can’t put together a top notch team near the end of the season and expect them to blow every remaining opponent out of the water. It takes time for them to get familiar with each other’s playing styles first”

-Ricky S.
Age: 36
Brooklyn, NY

So what exactly are the Knicks trying to pull here? Perhaps a powerhouse squad like The Miami Heat, jammed pack with talent? If that’s what they are going for, there is a small problem with that. They are deep in the season now. And as we saw, even after adding LeBron James and Chris Bosh to their team, the Miami Heat had to form the chemistry that they now have; it wasn’t an instant win for them. Could be that the Knicks are gearin’ up for next season with this trade. Either way you look at it, a Melo-Mar’e combination is sick, hands down. Just hope that they have a great supporting cast and a hell of a point guard to help them get the Knicks back on top again.

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