No Love For Weezy…Have The Rapper’s Abrasive Lyrics Become Too Much To Handle?

Not every girl in the world supports Lil’ Wayne’s music.

By: Taren Vaughan

After leaving his Hot Boy roots behind, Rapper Lil’ Wayne has made a true impression on the world of Rap. And as he has reached his own level of success over the years, he has jumpstarted the careers of Drake, Nicki Minaj, Tyga and the remainder of his Young Money family. The chance of turning on the radio or TV without hearing the raspy voice of this New Orleans born lyricist is slim to none as he has accumulated fans from all different races and backgrounds. As millions may rock wit Weezy and download all of his mix tapes and rush to buy tickets to his concerts, not everybody is feelin’ what he brings to the table lyrically, especially not some of the young girls who have heard him spit.

Just when we thought every young woman or girl out there was head over hills for Lil’ Tunechi, we thought wrong. Some of the younger music listeners are so turned off by Wayne’s vocal slashing towards the female gender that they took it to the pen and pad themselves and addressed the rapper on his bad mouth.

Sisters Nia, Nya and Kamaria, members of the musical group Watoto From The Nile, made a song titled “Letter To Lil’ Wayne”, expressing their dislike of his degrading lyrics towards women and his promotion of drug use:

“This message is for Mr. Wayne. I’m sorry but I must complain about what you do and what you say.”

“People say, ‘Say no to drugs,’ so tell me Sir who should I trust. You or them?’”

One of the heaviest lines in the song was when the girls spoke on whether or not Lil
Wayne thinks of his daughter before he drops a disrespectful verse about women or girls:

“I hear you got a little girl. Does she get the same referral you call the world. Not trying to lean. I hope you call her little queen”

Is Lil’ Wayne really that bad for them to pull his card like this? Well let’s see:

Lyrics from “Poke Her Face” by Lil’ Wayne:

“Ah, hem.
Uhm, she sa-said she could f**k me right.
I made her f**k her friend.
She said don’t call her a d**e, but that’s gay.
I met her on Monday and f**k all week.
‘Cause everytime she leaves she comes back to the treat.
She know I love brain, so I treat her like a geek.
She love the way I spit, so I made her p***y gleet?
Ballin’ with my nigga and I don’t give a f**k.
So, I circled the bitch, we rounded them up.
I treat her like a needa, I’m knowin’ her for eater, she gonn’ tell Q’wuita
And Q’wuita like the media.
Hoop-the-Hoop to the bloodz.
Her lipstick match my flag, that swagg.
Weezy F. Baby got nuts that drag
I put it in your mouth ’till you choke and gag” –Lil’Wayne

Yeah, definitely not a love song right there.

Oh and let’s not forget his ever so popular song “I’m Single”, where the rapper glorifies cheating like it’s nothing.

Doesn’t sound like a man who values relationships now does he?

Funny thing is though, when he first hit the scene, Lil’ Wayne never cursed in his rhymes; he kept it clean when it came to that. Nowadays, you can’t count how many times this man uses foul language in his songs; there ain’t enough time in the world to do all of that honey. In order to sell records though and become the millionaire that he is, he had to get more vulgar, change his style up a bit. He had to do what he had to do to get to the top right?

Hearing all of the negativity that comes out of his mouth on a regular must have just been too much for these three sisters to stomach. And realizing that they do have a voice, they took it upon themselves to pull his card on it. As many of us may applaud these young ladies for having the courage to stand up to one of the most popular rappers in the game right now, there is something about this picture that still saddens me. And it’s the fact that this had to come from a group of people who haven’t even hit puberty yet.

What’s good with that? So now we have to leave it up to our younger sisters to step up and speak when something or someone is being overly offensive to our gender? Is that how it works now?

Guess so many of the grown women out there are too busy shakin’ their asses in the club to his music to worry about the fact that he is repeatedly callin’ them female dogs.

Before we completely go in on Lil’ Wayne though, he is by far not the only rapper that uses disrespectful lyrics towards women and encourages people to dip into illegal substances. Plenty of other rappers out there, too many to count, drop the “B” word more than the law should allow. The lyrics of Rap music today period have completely stirred away from what they were in the beginning. No more “Fight The Power” or “Black Cop” tracks, talking about issues in the Black community that really matter. Gone are the days of Queen Latifah tellin’ dudes that it’s not okay to refer to women as b*****s or hoes. That form of Hip-Hop, notice I say “Hip-Hop”, music is dead. Regardless of whether or not you have the cleanest rhymes or if your mouth is as filthy as they come, when you are a popular rapper, one that so many young boys, and sadly grown ass men, look up to and try to emulate, someone will call you out when your lyrics are doing more damage than good. Too bad the some one that does it though will most likely be a person that is damn near half your age.

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