Torn In Between The Two: Should You Ever Have To Place Your Partner Before God?

Is choosing between your partner and God something that you should have to do?

By: Taren Vaughan

As perfect as your relationship may seem to be, there will always be things that you and your partner don’t see eye to eye on. You may not like the same type of music or you may not be fond of the same foods. Whatever it may be, the taste that you all have in certain things won’t be identical yet it’s not something that will totally ruin your union. But what happens when you two don’t have common ground when it comes to God? What happens when it gets to the point where you feel torn between doing right by God and following His word versus trying to please your partner even if it means going against The Almighty?

First in foremost, before you even think about getting into a serious relationship with someone, you should really know or at least have some degree of knowledge on what their religious views and practices are. Do you know how they feel about attending church, reading the Bible, praying? Do you know whether or not they believe in God and His word and truly strive to live their lives in the right way? Before beginning a partnership with you, your significant other should have their very own relationship with God. And if that is the case, then you will never find yourself in the position to where you feel like you have to forsake one for the other.

As a person who has a lot of faith in God and all that He is capable of doing for us in our lives, it’s hard to believe that anyone could find themselves in a position to where they feel like they have to actually make a choice between Our Father and their significant other. God is said to be the third wheel in our relationships. So why would He need to be brushed aside for a partner? Better yet, why would your partner want to be placed before God if they know His greatness just like you do?

Genuine relationships are composed of individuals who not only accept each other but who accept God. And if you know that you are seeking God and trying to live your life in the way that He would have you to, then being with a person who does not have the same spiritual goals that you do will be a hard thing to do. And in turn, it can be very trying on your partnership. No matter what anyone may believe, God is the key to true happiness in all that we do. And because of that reason alone, no man should be placed before Him nor should no man hinder us from becoming close to Him and building a strong, unbreakable bond with Him.

So ask yourself, which relationship is more important to you? The one that you have with God or the one that you have with a man that may not be there for you within the next few weeks?

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