Breezy Blow-Ups: Have We Grown Accustomed To His Outbursts?

Oh Christopher…Here we go again with the tantrums.

By: Taren Vaughan

Ever since his incident with former girlfriend Rihanna, Singer Chris Brown has essentially brought his music career back to life. He is on the verge now of releasing his fourth studio album titled “F.A.M.E.” Using every avenue imaginable to promote his latest project, He has made TV appearances on several different shows including 106 & Park where he showed up not one, not two but practically the entire week. One of his most talked about appearances however was a Good Morning America interview that he recently did with Robin Roberts. Things were going smoothly until the infamous question was asked about his violent past. And as expected, Brown got visibly irritated by it. But it didn’t stop there as he later went off the deep end behind closed doors, breaking a glass window.

Shocking? Not really.

Violent rages have unfortunately become apart of the singer’s image now. And you know once that happens, it sticks with them forever, with or without the rehab and string of apologies that follow. Breezy doesn’t seem to understand why that is though when other big name celebrities have shown their asses more times to count. And one of the names he brought up was actor Charlie Sheen. And he took it to Twitter, giving the tweeps a piece of his mind about Sheen’s treatment versus his own:

“I’m so over people bringing this past s— up!!! Yet we praise Charlie sheen and other celebs for there bull—t.”

Can’t be surprised he brought this one up at all seeing as though Sheen has completely lost his cool quite a few times in public. Be that as it may, one thing that sets the two apart is for one, Charlie Sheen has more Hollywood pull than Chris Brown because of his time in the industry and two, check the skin tone please folks.

And without coming out and officially pulling the race card, Brown’s Twitter post leads some to believe that that’s where he may have been going with his comment. Regardless of whether he meant that or not, Brown can’t blame anyone but himself for his actions and it’s clear that he can’t successfully defer his negative attention over to another rage filled celebrity. Yeah, not working to well as you can see.

Sad to say but Chris Brown blow ups have become so common now that nobody seems to be stunned when they hear or see things like this happen with him. And the excuse used before was that he was young and needed a chance to grow up. Now that he is 21 years old, can the age factor be thrown out there yet again as the sole reason behind his behavior? Doubt it. Think it runs a little deeper than that I’m afraid.

Fact of the matter is that what Chris Brown, and others like him who have a tendency to throw temper tantrums at the drop of a dime, don’t realize is that once you step foot into the spotlight, your mistakes are amplified that much more. You can’t go into violent rages, throw b****h fits, or hell even scratch your ass too hard and think that it won’t follow you for the rest of your career because it will. That’s the life of a superstar. But what he should keep in mind is that he has millions of young fans who depend on their parents’ money to buy them CDS and concert tickets. And trust and believe, if Chris Brown continues carrying on the way he is doing, that F.A.M.E. of his will continue to take a trip down South with the quickness.

That attitude Breezy, check it immediately or it will cost you what’s left of your career. I think people are growing quite tired of your fits and the apologies that go along with them.


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