Bikini Bound? 5 Tips To Help Get The Perfect Stomach For The Summer

Looking to get that flat stomach for the summer? Check out these simple workout tips that will get you there.

By: Taren Vaughan

Beach weather is quickly approaching and women are beginning their annual “Get in shape for the summer” routines as expected, with some of them being on a mission to fit into that cute two piece that they have had stashed away in their closets for years now. Throwing on a bikini may be nothing to a person who has a wash board stomach and a metabolism that’s out of this world. For others though, it can be a scary and embarrassing time that females try to avoid like the plague. For those who do fit into this category and are longing for a definite way to get that “bikini belly” that they have been dying for, here are some tips that you might want to consider:

Damage Control

Performing any exercise, especially those involving your back and neck, can be dangerous if not done properly. With that being a known fact, always be sure that with your ab routines, mainly the sit-ups and crunches, that your hands are placed behind your head with the thumbs positioned on your neck for support. Using too much momentum (rocking forward or overly involving your elbows, using them to pull) and not enough of your actual muscle power to perform the workout can cause some serious damage and postpone you reaching your goal, not to mention a series of unwanted headaches and bouts of fatigue that could follow.

Switch It Up

As with a routine of any kind, changing up the workouts every so often will help you see results at a faster pace than if you keep doing the same thing over and over again. Sticking with the same workout may seem like the easier thing to do for most people, which it is. But in actually, adding variations not only keeps you enthusiastic about doing the routine itself but it has a tendency to work other muscles that you were not working in the beginning which is a major plus for those who are bikini bound.

Add Some Bounce

Adding a ball to your ab workout provides you with stability, with your stomach muscles being the main source that helps you hold yourself up on the ball. Another good thing about adding a resistance ball to your routine is that it can be used in other ab routines that you do, some of which can work your arms, legs and stomach all at one time.

Deep Breath In, Exhale Out

Believe it or not, deep breathing exercises are a great way to give your abs a good workout throughout the day without requiring you to even touch the floor. The deep inhaling works your ab muscles and can be felt The beauty of these forms of exercise is that they can be done while you are at work at your desk, in the break room talking with co-workers, in the library, reading a book, essentially anywhere. No equipment is necessary and no long trips to the gym are needed.

Top It Off With Cardio

No matter how hard you go with the ab exercises, doing them on a consistent basis and everything, some form of cardio should always be incorporated with it. Either before the workout, afterwards or both, go for a jog on the treadmill or outside for those who enjoy exercising outdoors. Doing a form of cardio also burns some additional calories, leading to a slimmer stomach and an overall healthier body.

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