Men Speak: Cheating, Love, and Lust…Fact From Fiction

Society says men can’t help but stray, but men say love breeds a whole new kind of self control.

By: Amanda Anderson

How many times have women been told that a man will be a man? A dog will be a dog, and a penis warrants a life of bed hopping and heart breaking?
We’ve heard it so many times that when a jackass like Tyrese says a man is expected to cheat, it’s older news than Kim Kardashian’s hideous addiction to plastic surgery and public acceptance. Of course men are expected to cheat…and women are expected to settle. This shift in relationship medocrity makes love even harder to obtain for a woman, as it is clear that many of us believe men to be merely sexually driven animals unable to control sexual urges that lead men to more sex partners than they can even keep count of.
Women despise infidelity, but somehow we still manage to expect it in our relationships. We’ll even stay with the man who can’t keep his penis in his pants all because some idiot told us whoring is part of manliness…and we believed it. 
Well at least most of us. I can’t say I’ve ever been the kind of woman that buys into the whole “men will be sluts” theory. I guess it’s because I myself have had to be a big girl and get in control of my own sexual urges, so naturally, a vagina isn’t going to keep me from requiring a man to be just as strong as I had to be.

If I managed to get through life and relationships without being a complete slut, I expect my man to as well. Part of being grown is being grown up…and that requires self control regardless of the gender.

So forgive me for realizing early on the stark differences between boys and men…clearly males like Tyrese are the former. For how can anyone who can’t be the master of his own genetalia be considered a man? 

No man wants to marry a slut, but a woman should expect her man to be a slut. Double standards much?
Besides my success in keeping my sexual urges in check, I’ve also discovered that men do what they want to damn well do. That involves being faithful, being scandalous, and even being responsible. Never have they been incapable of being in control of any of their body parts, but they just decided to ride the wave of bullsh-t that women have been accepting for years. There isn’t a man alive who doesn’t love the woman who believes men to be animalistic bastards, as she’s the easiest.
Regardless, just what is it that makes a man want to control the little head and do right to his do right woman?
According to these men, nothing but love. 
Not good sex, a good head game…but L-O-V-E.
Peep it:

“I can’t say I’ve always been the best dude. When I was a little younger, I ran through women and I couldn’t stay faithful in my relationships. Back then, if a woman would have done those things to me, there’s no way  I would have put up with it. But back then, they did and I began to think staying with a cheating man was in a woman’s DNA. One day I met a woman who made it clear that I could lose her…and I haven’t really looked at another woman since. Love will do that to a man, but I can’t say I was really old enough for that kind of thing back then.”- Lawrence D.

“We win big when women believe that men are dogs and unable to commit. That means we don’t have to do much. We love these kinds of women…they don’t require our best and we happily oblige in showing them just how doggish we can be. Thank you ladies.” – Paul W.

“I wouldn’t say men cheat because we can’t help it. That’s bullsh-t we crafted so we could position ourselves to be complete a–holes and have society accept it and even expect it. Look, when we really love a woman and we want to be faithful to her, we simply won’t put ourselves in situations that would get us in trouble and have us stepping outside the relationship. It’s not as hard as people are making it out to be. I have a daughter and I will teach her to understand that a man can be as faithful or reckless as he chooses to be. But the man that says he loves her and means it, won’t be the man still putting himself in situations that no man wanting to be faithful will willingly place himself in. It’s just as simple as that.” – Anthony T

“If I love you, I’m going to take my a– home.”- Jeffrey S.

“Yeah, a man can absolutely be faithful, but we just have to want to. It all comes down to a man’s mindset. If he’s still in boy mode, he’s going to primarily be about getting as much a-s as possible. So being in the streets is his number one priority. He may get in a relationship, but it doesn’t mean anything to him. But if he’s in man mode, he’s going to give his woman his best, and that’s hard to do when you’re still getting it in with other chicks.” Michael G.

“Some women are confused and they believe that if a woman has good sex or gives great head, that those talents somehow will make a man be faithful. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve cheated on these kinds of women.” – Blake Q.

“If a woman ever wonders if a man truly loves her, all she has to do is check the number of women he’s been sleeping with while he’s been with her. If it’s 0, he means it.” -Matthew H.

Straight from the mouths of men…

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