The Big Payback: Reaping The Reward For Being A Good Woman

Do you ever truly benefit from being a good woman and when will it happen?

By: Taren Vaughan

When, Where or Will it ever happen period? These are the three questions that many women out here searching for love have. And ironically, these thoughts are coming from the minds of those who have a lot going on for themselves, not only career wise but morally as well. The women who stay loyal to the ones that could care less about returning the favor and who go out of their way time after time to mend their broken relationships with men who couldn’t give a one good damn about saving anything.

Puzzling how these are the sisters that get left hanging all time isn’t it?

As crazy as it seems that things go down like this a whole lot more often than they should, it is even more mind-boggling to the women who actually have to deal with the nonsense. How is it that a woman who truly embodies all of these great qualities gets overlooked for the female who brings absolutely nothing at all valuable to the table?

As this horrible pattern continues on, over and over again we will see a woman put her best foot forward in her relationships, doing all of the so-called “right things” and yet they still seem to crumble right before her eyes. Will that ever come to an end for her? Will she ever truly get her payback for being the good woman that she is?

Good woman meets good man and they live happily ever after should be the storyline that we should see unfolding for a person like this. But the reality of it is that the most fabulous females are treated horribly before they start to see their efforts pay off. And mind you, when I speak of a fabulous female, I am not talking about the one stuntin’ and showing off in her favorite pair of stilettos on a night out with her girls. I’m talking about the woman that carries herself like a lady and with an extreme amount of class to go along with it.

Looking at this type of women, with some of them being your close home girls, relatives or even your own self, you start to ask, “When exactly will they finally get to experience the good side of things and truly reap what they sow when it comes to relationships?”

Now of course you know that all the good girls of the world have to go through that infamous string of jackasses before they end up finding anybody worth keeping around for more than a month or two. That trend there is reserved for all females, the good and the not so good ones. We can’t jump straight into the arms of that one amazing guy overnight, although we wish that it worked that way.

Exceptional women and good men alike go through some of the very same BS repeatedly, leaving them often wondering if their efforts are going in vain. The faith that they once had in settling down in a good, healthy partnership begins to slowly fade. To their surprise though, somewhere out there is a person that will recognize, better yet, appreciate, all of the things that they do. All of the random gift giving for no reason, the way that they are always there for people at the drop of a dime and the compassion that they show towards people will stop going unnoticed.

So to that good girl whose heart never gets a breather from being broken even though she does everything in her power to soothe and comfort those of the men in her life, her day is right around the corner. And if she is you, when the one who you are truly supposed to be with comes around, trust me, you will forget about all the other losers that made their way into your life.

Your big payback…it’s on its way. Just make sure that you are ready to receive it.

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