Bush Can But Barack Can’t? When Did Inviting Rappers To The White House Become A Problem?

So now people are mad at President Obama for supporting “gangster” rap artists? Please.

By: Taren Vaughan

After he got called out by mogul Donald Trump and many others for his “hidden” birth certificate and “hand out” to Harvard, President Barack Obama is yet again on people’s bad side. And as expected, it’s for a silly reason, even sillier than normal. He did the unthinkable y’all; the most down right awful thing he could have ever done as the leader of this country…He invited a rapper to a poetry night at the White House. Rapper Common Sense, known as Common for short, appeared at the event to the dislike of many, which led to yet another Obama bash session.

Hold up, wasn’t everybody just singing this man’s praises for announcing the demise of head Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden?

He is catching massive amounts of heat from politicians all over the whole ordeal. But this is rather puzzling to me as he is not the first president to bring a Hip-Hop artist to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

If you recall, Former President George H. W. Bush Sr. brought the popular N.W.A. rap star Eric “Eazy-E.” Wright to the White House during his term back in the early ‘90’s. God rest his soul, but Eazy E.’s flow was far from clean and any real Hip-Hop head clearly knows the difference between an Eazy E. lyric and a verse that Common would spit. And it is extremely significant:

“I look into my daughter’s eyes, and realize that I’m gonna learn through her/The Messiah, might even return through her/If I’m gonna do it, I gotta change the world through her.”
–Common “Be”

“And me, I found a purpose why I MC/Inspire a young world to be greater than me/I fall awake and I dream a song/So the little shorties will sing along.”
-Common “Changes”

Oh goodness, cover your child’s ears from these “hard core” lyrics folks (Insert sarcasm). I guess they were pissed off about a line from the poem that he read where he referenced a “burning Bush”. Well, if you take a moment to read the Bible then you would know that the Burning Bush that he could have been referring to was the one that stood before Moses; not actually burning the former president. Furthermore, poetry can be interpreted in many different ways. Boy, it’s amazing how people twist things to their own liking.

But of course, in the eyes of a close minded individual and one who has no real concept of the Rap industry and the lyrical delivery that various artists use, they wouldn’t understand. To them, all rappers, even if they grew up in a household where their parents had Ph.D.’s (shout out to the late Dr. Donda West, mother of Kanye West) are either criminals or drug dealers. So for President Obama to even bring someone like this to the White House was just such a horrible thing to do.

I mean damn, can this man catch a break?

First, he was labeled an immigrant, with claims that his birth certificate was kept a secret from everyone. Now, he is supposed to be some heavy supporter of thugs on the mic and letting them roam around the White House premises?

And the way that people reacted to it…ridiculous. All the screaming and shouting from reporters, analysts, political figures and their supporters was damn near comical. Are these people serious? You would have thought Obama and Common took somebody out judging by the comments and reactions from people.

I ask this out of all seriousness, what the hell is the real problem here?

From the very second this man stepped foot into the White House, he has been ripped to shreds by so many people. And has been held to outrageous standards and expectations that no one could achieve without being given several years time to do so.

Before I end, let’s get some things straight here: Firstly, Common is about as much of a gangster rapper as I am so let’s kill those foolish comments immediately. No, his lyrics aren’t always squeaky clean but the majority of what comes out of this man’s mouth is uplifting and influential. Secondly, Common has been to the White House on numerous occasions prior to his latest visit so why the issue now?

This all goes to show that no matter what he does, President Obama will always get overly criticized for the decisions that he makes. Even when this all dies down, I am sure that someone else will find Mr. President at fault for something else. Even in the midst of a good doing, he will still get called down for something, well, stupid.

It’s time for people to get off the Obama bashin’ bandwagon and do something more productive with their lives.

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