Stage Fright: DWTS Winner Hines Ward Admits To Fear of Dancing

By: Taren Vaughan

Playing a sport on the professional level has its obvious perks as we all know. But with anything that involves these great benefits, also comes with some trying times for these athletes as well. Fortunately, these players are able to shake off the various distractions and nervousness that comes along with playing amongst the elite. And one would think that after playing in front of millions of fans in sold out arenas on a regular basis that there is nothing that would make a star football player overly nervous.

Recent Dancing With The Stars winner Hines Ward of the Pittsburgh Steelers revealed to viewers that he was rather uncomfortable about showcasing his dancing skills on national television and had always had some reservations about hitting the floor:

“It felt amazing. For me, when I signed up for Dancing with the Stars, I never danced in my whole life. I was so scared. I was so scared, I didn’t even go to my prom. I had a big fear of dancing and it was exciting,”

Crazy hearing an NFL football player saying this huh? I mean they are notorious for hyping up the crowd and teammates alike with animated end zone dancing, something that continues to be a popular thing for them to do as their way of celebrating a touchdown. But for Ward, he never truly broke out of his shell until he appeared on the ABC hit show.

His initial jitters must have died down quickly as he not only advanced far into the competition but was in fact the last man standing. Just as he does his Super Bowl MVP trophy, Ward is treating this award from the show with just as much importance as he plans on placing them right next to each other in his home. He also plans on taking what he learned from his time on the show and taking it to the gridiron, joking about creating an end zone dance of his own:

“I’m going to use some of my dance moves. If I happen to get a touchdown, you’ll see a little tribute to Kym — a little cha cha in the end zone,”

Who would have known that a Super Bowl champ had a fear of throwin’ down.

Dancing With The Stars has seen the fancy foot work of many other NFL talents like Chad Ochocinco, Emmitt Smith and Warren Sapp.

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