Rivera To The Rescue: Sean Kingston’s Rescuer Recalls Jet Ski Accident

By: Taren Vaughan

After going on what appeared to be a fun filled trip down in Miami, Florida, Singer Kisean “Sean Kingston” Anderson’s time on the waters of Palm Island was cut short this past Sunday after a his jet ski crashed into the Palm Island Bridge around 6pm that evening.

Kingston was not alone on the jet ski as he was accompanied by a female passenger. She managed to escape from the incident with minor injuries, none of which appeared to be very severe. As for the driver, that was said to have not been the case. Sean Kingston’s rescuer Coast Guard member Jonathan Rivera, who discovered the two victims and the jet ski that they were on in the water, said that it was clear that Kingston needed immediate medical attention.

Jimmy Vega, a man who was present with Rivera, described the singer having a distinct gash under his chin and Rivera added that he was “puking up blood out of his mouth”. It was also said that he did not have his life vest on when found in the water.

Although his condition at that time would probably lead people to think that he was unconscious and unable to communicate, Rivera claimed that Kingston was verbal and responded to him even though he was severely injured.

The latest on the accident is that Kingston is stabilized and has been moved from the trauma unit to ICU.

The pop singer is most popular for his hit song “Beautiful Girls”.

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