Rihanna Tweets Response to PTC and Confirms That Celebrities Kind of Suck

A few days after releasing her “Man Down” video, Rihanna unleashes controversy that proves just why celebrities aren’t worth the praise and legions of admirers they tend to attract in kids.
By: Amanda Anderson

Rihanna is no stranger to controversy, in fact, at this point of her career; it’s quite clear that she enjoys every second of it. So it should come as no surprise that she would release another dark and “edgy” video that ends in a murder that is supposed to somehow simultaneously convey a “message” that the world “needs” to receive. I’m sure if you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you already know that I wasn’t moved nor convinced that Rihanna is anything more than the typical self serving, spot light seeking industry puppet…even if her PR team is trying to make her some feminist, woman rights activist. Hell, I just can’t take her seriously.

Regardless, her recent video Man Down is causing shock waves from the PTC, and many parents everywhere who for some “strange reason” (insert sarcasm) prefer their children not to be exposed to rape, and premeditated murder in a matter of 5 minutes.

Rihanna and her supporters see nothing wrong with the video itself, or the “message” it sends…but Rihanna is childish, reckless, quite expected to make bad decisions all for the sake of press and the ability to continue to refer to herself as a “rockstar.”

Here’s her response via Twitter, the only social networking site that makes it painfully difficult to hide a celebrity’s or non celebrity’s ignorance in 140 character or less:

Sooo….Rihanna just said she was our “voice,” however, in the following tweets she says she’s not a role model. Well, how are you going to be a voice, but not be a role model? I thought the two pretty much work hand in hand.

Secondly, Rihanna does NOT live in the real world. She works in an industry where in order to become a big star, you must lose yourself, and become what some industry executive wants you to be. In the real world, doing the aforementioned will get you eaten alive. In her little Hollywood fantasy world, you will embark on success using that method. Rihanna probably doesn’t even know who she is her damn self, considering she changes with every album she puts out. They wanted her sweet her first two albums, and then a bad girl on the third, and a sexual object the following albums. She’s whatever these people pay her to be. You want some respect? Try standing up to the same executives that pay you well to be the black Britney Spears and show these little girls that a real strong woman doesn’t let a group of men, no matter how wealthy, dictate her life and who she becomes.

And what’s so real about Hollywood? Damn near everyone in it is paid to be fake…rather it’s the plastic surgery, the fake and forced personas…ridiculous marriages…I mean seriously, these people pay millions to not live in the real world they try so hard to claim when the media throws them just a little heat. Excuse me if I’m somewhat offended that she feels she’s a part of the real world that I fight daily to survive in. And guess what, I didn’t have to become someone’s bitch, robot, sexual object, or example to make a living. Now THAT’S real Ms. Fenty.

Secondly, I’m glad Rihanna’s finally admitting what most of us have known all along, and that is that celebrities are some of the most f’d up people in the world, and we damn sure better not encourage our kids to turn out like them. Our society may put them on a pedestal, but most of these people aren’t worth the admiration and worship they receive. They are just regular people, who get paid ridiculous salaries to do very little and contribute little to the world, besides entertain. Meanwhile, in the real world Rihanna pretends she lives in but doesn’t, the people that make the real difference make the crappiest salaries ever.

I guess it pays to pretend…

Sure parents must raise their kids, but complaining and putting a stop to the broadcast of violent music videos IS parenting Rihanna. Kids are impressionable, and maybe she needs to bust a few out herself before she’ll get that.

Now someone will say I’m just a hater, but if you take Rihanna’s millions away, you have just another lost soul who’s yet to master womanhood. It’s okay to dance to her music, or enjoy her reckless Twitter antics from time to time…but to look at her as a role model or a real feminist activist? Don’t be naive.

The real activists live in the real world and they do real work, while Rihanna just makes…music videos.


  1. Thank you,her fans still don't realise that she is nothing but a puppet and think that she really cares about this 'serious issue' when all it probably was his her PR team telling her to use shock value to remain relevant.

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