Destined Dynasties: Do Elite Teams Always Get The Glory?

Does having a boat load of talent on your squad always lead you to victory?

By: Taren Vaughan

After a series that appeared to be leaning in their favor, the Miami Heat played their last game of the post season on Sunday, falling to the Dallas Mavericks 105-95. The outcome was quite a shocker as all bets seemed to be on the Heat before the two teams even touched the court. But Dirk and company were on a mission, clawing back from being down 2-1 early on and giving Miami’s Big Three some very intense competition. Not only did Dallas win the series but they did it on the Heat’s stomping ground, in front of thousands of their ride-or-die and “new found” fans. People acted amazed by what went down but I’m not too sure why though.

Did we forget that Dirk Nowitzki never won a ring either? Why wouldn’t he be just as hungry as LeBron and C Bosh? Let’s not also forget that this is the very first franchise championship that the Mavs have ever won…period. This put a huge smile on Mark Cuban’s face I’m sure. Dallas had already proven that they were a group of true competitors by making it to the Finals so why would anyone think that they would lay down and die when they had made it that far?

Now of course you could hear the cheers across the world from the Cleveland Cavaliers fans who have been despising LeBron since he left their franchise and rooting against him to get a ring. Even though he still remains ring-less after this playoff season, James still appears to be very positive about how things turned out, despite his display of disappointment after the final game came to an end. And after admitting that he had a lot of work to do, he still caught backlash for…being confident?!?

He still has faith in himself and his team. Where’s the problem with that? And all this talk about how he thinks he is “superior” to everyone else? Hell, even if he did truly feel that way, would he honestly be the first pro athlete to feel that way about themselves? I mean really people. Enough LeBron talk because that could go on for days. Now back to the matter at hand folks.

Do destined dynasties really ever live up to their full potential? Is there always a ring on the way for a team who has massive amounts of talent throughout their roster?

Well, let’s see…

The “Bad Boys” of Detroit did it years back and the Laker dynasties of the past and present have done it too. So to say that a team full of superstars can’t get the job done is far from the truth. The Miami Heat and the New York Knicks have put together elite squads this past season that have the potential to reach that goal of snaggin’ an NBA championship so no worries to LeBron, Carmelo, Amar’e, D Rose or any other superstar who is chasin’ the ring. The teams that they are on have the fire power and the ability to be champions. After all, they weren’t at home watching the playoffs; they were apart of it so that says something right there. But as far as when they will get to do so, only time will tell when and where that will all take place.

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