His Latest ‘Confession’: Usher Says He Wants A Female Companion To Make Him Better

He may appear to have it all but this chart topping singer says that there is still something missing in his life…a true companion.

By: Taren Vaughan

Everybody loves Raymond…Usher Raymond that is. And that is very evident as he has stolen the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. The chart topping R&B/Pop artist has been lighting up the stage for over 19 years now and appears to have no plans to take a break from the music scene. Releasing album after album filled with classic songs that still get much airplay even years after they dropped, the 32 year old continues to outshine those half his age.

He has the fame. He has the fortune. But there is one thing that is still missing from his life. And that is a female companion.

After the ending of his two year relationship with former TLC member Rozonda “Chili” Thomas, Usher didn’t give up on his quest for love as he later married Tameka Foster in 2007. Two children later, the couple headed to Splitsville in 2009, leaving Usher single again. He can’t seem to get over that two year hump. Now, several years after his divorce, Usher is back on the dating scene again, in search of something that many of us women are looking for and can’t seem to find…a companion. Not a boo or jump off but a real companion.

He has hinted that he has his eye on a few people but has yet to drop any specifics. When one young starlet’s name was mentioned as a possible match for him, Usher claimed that the relationship he had with her was platonic, well at least for now:

“Rihanna is beautiful. But she’s not necessarily on my hit list – she’s like my sister right now. Or cousin – we have kissed.”

No Rihanna on the radar at the moment but who knows, things could change.

It’s obvious though that a stunning outward appearance is not the only thing that he is in search of. Usher is diggin’ a little deeper; he is looking for someone to bring out the best in him:

“Companionship is important – every man should have a woman to make him better…”

After all his ups and downs with women, it sounds like Mr. Raymond is looking for a true soul mate and not someone just to have by his side on the red carpet. Much more than a big butt and a smile will be needed to steal his heart.

It’s a wonder if any other male celebrities are in search of the same thing that Usher is…

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