Facebook Wall Pissin’: Insecurity, Territorial, Childishness Or All Three?

Some women spend way too much of their time lifting up their legs on the Facebook walls of their significant others.

By: Amanda Anderson

Facebook is not only a social experiment turned addiction; it’s a disease, a disgusting cyber-esque plague that has infected the brains of many women who were once civil in their former social lives. How can it be that something as mundane and simple as Facebook has a way of making the grow-nest of folks seem so childish?

Is it the simplicity of blasting all of our personal business to thousands of strangers and once familiar faces? Or have we always been this ridiculous, and the social networks are more of a magnifying glass to the flaws we could once hide offline?

In one simple status update, I know who’s been knocked up, who’s getting divorced, who’s embarking on a new booty call, who is a booty call and lastly; who’s insecure about their latest “committed” relationship.

Yes, it’s truly that easy, and the sad thing is that Facebook has a pretty crappy return policy. You see, there are no returns actually, considering that you can never take back what you put out on your Facebook news feed. Even after its deletion, that secret you released is there forever. And sadly, it’s fresh on the brains of an audience who cares little about you and your latest issue. However, you and your issues are so damn entertaining.

While I could write a book with many chapters on the many different types of Facebook dilemmas, my biggest pet peeve is Facebook Wall Pissin’. Someone may mistake me for a total hater (we live in a society of limited vocabulary and insults), but honestly, there’s nothing more annoying than the woman who can’t seem to refrain from lifting her leg on her man’s/potential’s Facebook wall.

Everyone has seen this ridiculous display of childishness in some shape or form. Rather it’s the girlfriend who comments on every single status, every picture; or the stalker type chick who actually logs on to her man’s Facebook account just to tell him some mushy crap in his own status she penned herself…while logging into his account. These women are annoying, and the perfect example of what insecurity can do in relationships during the social network era.

I mean, we get IT; you love him, he’s yours…but if he’s really yours, do you really have to make it known daily on a social networking site that is more damaging than helpful?

And it’s not like your little territorial displays will keep females at bay, as we all know taken men are more appealing, regardless of the nutty girlfriend with a nasty Facebook addiction. How often have we heard that some raunchy Alicia Keys/Fantasia Barrino type woman backed off because you…updated a Facebook status or wrote 30 comments in his photo album?

The thing that I really can’t understand is why some people believe that going hard on Facebook will keep a relationship together. Haven’t we all seen the relationship fail with the guy who professed who love daily via Facebook to only end up being the biggest social networking whore when no one was looking?

And if that is the case, maybe the best relationships don’t need the most attention, or the most social networking territorial displays.

When a man is truly ours, he is truly ours; and it’s not because of our Facebook territorial tactics, but because he wants to be.

So the next time you get an itch to lift up your leg and act in your insecurities, remember real ladies are squatters, with little to show, and even less to prove.

Log out, and put your energy into your relationship, not the newsfeed. And just maybe, you won’t have to change your relationship status anytime soon.


  1. Man I feel like I just got called out! But I can say that it is a little bit territorial. I do it because I do want to let females know that my man is all mine. Is it childish? Very, but doing it makes me feel better. I will try to take it down a notch, considering that you presented this in angle I didn't really think about.Glad to see ya'll are back at it BTW. Ya'll had me worried there for a minute. 2 post a week just wasn't doing it!

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