Honored at Sea: First Black Marines Set To Receive Highest Award

Source: CBS News

Over the years, numerous African Americans have been honored for their service and dedication to their jobs. And many of these awards have been related to entertainment, health professions, humanitarianism, athletics; the list can go on and on for days. But now, we are about to witness a first.

This past Tuesday, it was announced by the head leader of the Marine Corps that the first African American Marines will be presented with the Congressional Gold Medal.

After years of them battling at sea for our country, Commandant Gen. James Amos spoke out letting members of Congress know that the honoring of these men and women has been long overdue. As it appears, many others agreed with his thoughts of recognizing this outstanding group of individuals.

Amos also wanted to stress the fact that the Marine Corps is not at all what it used to be:

“Spread the gospel that the Marine Corps is a force that has changed,” “We’re not in 1942 anymore.” –Commandant Gen. James Amos

Not only will these Marines receive this medal but their story will become a part of the basic training process for all future members of the Marine Corps.

There was a time when black troops could not even come near a base unless they were joined by a white Marine. Now they are being given one of the highest honors for their efforts.

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