20 Questions: Nip Slips, Getting Hit in the Face With Suitcases, and the Problem With Politics

Random questions about nip slips, naked R&B chicks, politics, and the usual propaganda from a feisty Editor-In-Chief.
By: Amanda Anderson

1. Is it just me or does it seem like just about every female artist thinks they must either have a nip slip, pose nude on a magazine cover, gyrate on stage, leak naked photos or give slutty interviews to stay relevant?

2. And am I trippin’ for noticing that men–with the exception of Chris Brown, don’t have to resort to any of those things?

3. Inquiring minds want to know, when are we going to have penis slips on stage?

4. Everyone wants to know why Fantasia is cool with having a baby by a married T-Mobile salesman named Antwan, but isn’t the real question why is an American Idol performing at the opening of some cheap apartment complex?

5. Isn’t it a bit hypocritical for Jay Z and Kanye to title their album “Watch The Throne” when neither one of them is sitting on it? So shouldn’t they be watching the throne too?

6. Is the check Jennifer gets from “Basketball Ball Wives” big enough for her to actually sell her lip gloss in real stores?

7. Erykah Badu said she’d never resort to hoe sh-t like the other singers do to sell albums. But doesn’t walking around butt naked in music videos and a possible reality show constitute as hoe sh-t?

8. Speaking of hoe sh-t, what can Amber Rose really put on her resume besides former stripper, occasional big booty model, and current rapper dater?

9. Is the infamous booty shot the only pose big booty models ever have to learn?

10. Is anyone else finding Facebook best for shoe shopping than actually social networking?

11. Is Tyrese not the perfect example of why celebrities should just deactivate their Twitter accounts?

12. Isn’t it ironic that No Child Left Behind is actually leaving children behind, academically?

13. Why aren’t any of the major news sources reporting that the black unemployment rate is in the double digits? Are we ready to say aloud that perhaps this is due to the fact that most of us don’t have high school diplomas, yet we can easily name 20 aspiring rappers and producers that we know?

14. And is anybody going to admit that the high school drop out rate is most likely due to the fact that most high school students consider rap as a possible career? Is it wrong that I’m considering rap as a possible career each time I pay my student loan bills?

15. If it’s true that Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend hit her in the face with a suitcase and she still went with him to Disneyland soon after, should she really keep pushing girl power? I mean, getting hit in the face with a suitcase and staying with the guy who did it kind of weakens your girl power credentials.

16. And for Nicki to have such an intense dislike for bums, why is she dating one? Only bums hit women–with suitcases.

17. Is anybody else sick of reading about that fake 70% of black women are single “statistic” somebody made up two years ago just because they knew most people were too lazy to do the research themselves? And since the Census Bureau says more black men are actually single than black women, when are we going to see those same pesky “start dating outside your race now articles” that we see damn near everywhere targeting black women?

18. Wasn’t Lil’ Kim cuter before the surgery?

19. Does anybody else hear “For The Love of Money” in the background every time President Obama approaches the podium for his “recession” speeches?

20. Aren’t open relationships an oxymoron?

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