Sound Off: Is Wiz Khalifa Taking “Rolling Papers” Too Far?

Readers give their thoughts on Wiz Khalifa’s excessive love for the green…Not money but weed.

By: Taren Vaughan

Rapper Wiz Khalifa topped the Rap charts with his hit single “Black and Yellow”, a hometown anthem for his stomping grounds of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. And ever since, he hasn’t come down from the top spot with his album “Rolling Papers” approaching platinum status. With all the success that Khalifa was seen, he manages to keep it real with the media and his fans. So real in fact that he had no problem at all vocalizing his love for the sticky in an interview with and even went on to encourage his fans to well, “Roll Up”:

“When the venues are not [ok with people smoking weed], we respect it and the fans respect it. And when it is friendly, then people know. The high, I don’t think that ruins anything, it makes people chill out,”

“And then when you tell them they can’t smoke weed, they find other creative ways to get high that’s less constructive.”

He went on to say that everybody puts one in the air from time to time, even the wealthy:

“Everybody smokes weed. My music and my fan base is really built off of my lifestyle – and from older people to doctors, plenty of really successful people function off weed.”

Something tells me that he would be all for legalizing it…

Is Wiz Khalifa really responsible for the new found Hip-Hop weed heads?

“It’s not like Wiz is the first to promote weed smoking. Snoop has let it be known for years that he smokes weed and has never tried to hide the fact that he did. But I guess Wiz is catching more heat for it because he actually came out and told his fans that it was okay to light one”

-Bryan K.

Age: 23

Newark, NJ

“I am a fan of Wiz Khalifa and really like his music but I am not okay with the fact that he encourages his fans to smoke weed. It’d be nice to see a rapper promo something other than drugs, sex or money”

-Alayna H.

Age: 21

Albany, NY

“Wiz Khalifa is a one of the hottest rappers out right now but really, can we be surprised that he made such a bold statement? I mean he has managed to wife up Amber Rose. What did you expect?”

-Jaylen B.

Age: 20

Jacksonville, FL

“Some of these rappers let anything come out of their mouths. I can’t say that I am shocked that Wiz Khalifa would say something like this to his fans. I’m more so disturbed that he could have potentially started a mass of druggies with his comments”

-Charmaine L.

Age: 27

Hampton, VA

“Let’s be clear, rappers are in no shape, form or fashion God, even though some of them think they are. But the one thing about what their position in our society is that they have a lot of power. Even when they say and do outrageous things, you can almost count on a fan or two to go out and mimic their lifestyles. And because of that, they should be mindful of the messages that they are relaying to their fans”

-Kelvin G.

Age: 31

San Diego, CA

Regardless of whether or not they want to admit it, music artists have a lot more influence over their fans than they think they do.

Why do you think Nicki Minaj has a band of pink wigged “Barbies” following in her every footstep? And why do you think there are hundreds of young Black men parading around in skinny jeans? Lil’ Wayne is the only grown man that could pull that off.

Their influence can be so heavy that whatever they say goes in the minds of the brainwashed and overly loyal fanatics.

Wiz Khalifa is making much noise in the Rap game right now. His flow is undeniable hands down. But openly telling your fans to take a few hits? Not quite sure about that one.

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