A “Cut” Above The Rest: Interview with Celebrity Hair Stylist Rochelle Mosley

Award winning hair stylist talks about her life as a successful business woman.

Interview By: Taren Vaughan

The world of hair care is held close to the hearts of women of all colors. But it is most definitely familiar territory for those of African American descent. And it continues to be a source of income for many sisters out here in the working world. The creativity and style that we bring can make a simple bob look like a masterpiece. Perfecting cuts and trying to please an array of customers are jobs in themselves. Owning and managing your own salon though takes hard work and dedication, not to mention an incredible amount of talent. Combine that with a passion for helping the community and taking part in the development of aspiring beauticians, and you have Rochelle Mosley. In an interview with our magazine, Mrs. Mosley talks about her journey from the runway to the salon and the many business ventures that she has taken on.

Urban Belle: Initially, you were pursuing a modeling career which took you from your hometown of Richmond, Virginia to New York City. What led you to the world of hair design?

Rochelle Mosley: Well when I graduated from high school I got my license in cosmetology as well. Hair is my first love, so it was inevitable that I would go back to making people feel and look beautiful.

Urban Belle: Salon 804 has truly made a name for itself, judging from the elite clientele that you have. What makes your salon stand out amongst the rest?

Rochelle Mosley: Salon 804’s motto is serving just your style. Making everyone feel special is our passion.

Urban Belle: Seeing the success that Salon 804 has had thus far, are you thinking about opening more locations in other states in the U.S. or other cities in New York? How about international locations?

Rochelle Mosley: I would love to open more locations internationally. I know Salon 804 has a lot of knowledge and style to offer women internationally.

Urban Belle: In addition to running your salon, you also work diligently with the organization StyleWorks. Tell us more about StyleWorks. When did it start and how did the concept come about? Do you feel like the organization is making continuous progress?

Rochelle Mosley: StyleWorks started 10 years ago by Malaak Rock. This program helps women go from welfare to work. The program provides women with clothes, shoes, hair and up-keep products. They are always so appreciative! And they often bring tears to my eyes.

Urban Belle: Receiving the Golden Scissors Award and being featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show was I’m sure one of the proudest moments of your career. Are there any other moments throughout your career that you would deem as priceless, things that you could never have imagined happening?

Rochelle Mosley: Being on the Oprah show is everyone’s dream. I don’t know what could beat that, however I wrote a book and who knew, I did that too. I guess the sky has no limits.

Urban Belle: Hair design and modeling seem to be two things that you are most passionate about. Are there any other areas of interest that you have?

Rochelle Mosley: Well I never thought that I could be a good mother; however they say that I am! Who would have thought that! Not me at all! So never say never (Justin Bieber) and now I’m an author, I love it!

Urban Belle: Running a successful business requires a lot of time and effort on behalf of the owner(s). As a wife and mother of two children, is it ever difficult for you to balance work time with family time?

Rochelle Mosley: It is very hard! I have to be very careful in managing my time. My family is always my priority.

Urban Belle: There are so many young women out here who have the desire to start their own businesses but don’t have the knowledge about the steps to do so. What advice would you give them from your personal experience?

Rochelle Mosley: I’m happy you asked this question! I am writing a new book called Life After Beauty School, Preparing for Your Exit! This book will help answer all the questions you have about the business and life in general.

Urban Belle: If there was one quote that you would live by, something that has inspired you throughout your journey as a stylist, model or simply an African American woman striving to reach her goals, what would it be?

Rochelle Mosley: “Have a plan, have a tomorrow. If you have a tomorrow, you have a future!”

To learn more about Rochelle and her books, click here.

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