Truth Or Tale? “Fatty Foods Are The Only Foods That Cause Big Bellies”

Are fattening foods like cheese and bread solely responsible for weight gain in the stomach?

By: Taren Vaughan

“It’s all in the right places”. How many times have we heard this quote recited by people? We ladies are very much guilty of taking on this mentality when it comes to weight gain. It’s partly because some of us are in denial about putting on a few pounds. However, it does have some validity to it. As it may be true that women are more prone to harbor more weight in our lower bodies, what happens when that weight starts to go to other places like the stomach? A lack of working out can cause this to happen but what are the foods that cause those round bellies that so many of us despise?

Tale: “Fatty Foods Are The Only Foods That Cause Round Bellies”. As a result of their bad rep on the food pyramid, food items that are known to contain high amounts of fat are often times automatically viewed as the only culprits to weight gain in the midsection.

But is that always the case?

Truth: Foods of any kind can be hazardous to our midsections even those that are deemed to be the “good ones”. Even beverages, especially those that are alcohol based, can pack on the pounds just as quickly as fried chicken can. Beverages that contain large amounts of sugar can also cause weight gain in the stomach area. So butter, bread and cheese don’t deserve all the credit for your bloated middle but they do however play a part in it.

No matter what gender you are, carrying too much weight around your middle is not good and can have the potential to be life threatening. Typical fatty foods are not always to blame for excess stomach fat. And it just goes to show that calories, fat grams and cholesterol numbers for ALL of our foods should be looked at before they enter our bodies.

Source: WebMdLink

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