Men Speak: “The Ring Don’t Mean A Thing…The Promise Ring That Is”

Men reveal the truth about promise rings and what they really mean.

By: Taren Vaughan

For some women, being a part of a healthy relationship is simply not enough to please them. They need a little something extra to do that. This is where a promise ring comes into play. Getting a promise ring is as good as getting a wedding or engagement ring to some females. It serves as confirmation that their man really loves them. On top of that, it gives them something to show off to their friends.

Makes promise rings sound pretty serious right?

Well, not according to what we have recently been told. We all have our general thoughts about promise rings and what their real purpose is.

But who better to ask than the ones who are responsible for giving them to us.

“A promise ring is a mere suggestion that a man may or may not be ready for commitment. If he was truly ready to be committed he would take the leap of faith and propose to the woman he loves. A promise ring only makes a promise that he’ll be there until something else better comes around for either party. In my opinion a promise ring says nothing more than I’m not ready now but just wait and I may come around.”

“Promise rings are really a way for a man to buy himself some time. As men, we don’t like to get forced into situations that we are not ready for, like marriage so we will find any and every way to delay that event from happening. But during the delay, we know that we have to do something to ensure that our woman, especially if she is someone that we could see marrying in the future, doesn’t get impatient and walk out the door. And out comes the promise ring.”

I see. So a promise ring is the saving grace for the man with the extreme case of cold feet? Giving you this ring is his way of trying to keep you around. He cares about you a lot and would hate to see you up and leave him but at the same time, he wants to be able to test the waters when he sees fit or continue to drag his feet until he is ready to walk down that aisle.

Let’s peep what some other men have to say on the subject:

“I think promise rings are BS honestly. There have been too many times, more than I can count, where females have gotten promise rings from their boyfriends and then within a month’s time, they end up getting cheated on or find out how truly reckless their man was. My advice to the ladies is to hope for the wedding ring and not the promise ring. You know what they say about promises: They are meant to be broken.”

“I’m not ashamed to admit this because it is apart of my past but I once gave a girl a promise ring. My motive behind it: To merely shut up her up because she kept asking for one. Long story short, we ended up splitting shortly after. And that was the last time I ever even thought about giving a girl a promise ring. I never understood the hype behind them anyway. Just because a dude goes out and gets his woman a promise ring doesn’t necessarily mean that he is going to be loyal to her forever. Honestly, engagement rings are overly hyped too. The wedding ring is what women should be hoping for.”

Should we even be taking these rings seriously?

Sounds like some of us are putting all of our energy into getting a ring with no value.

The wedding ring is where it’s at ladies. The men have spoken.

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