‘Blessing Blockers’: Your Company Can Be Your Hold Up

Your company could hinder you from receiving your blessings.

By: Taren Vaughan

Your inner circle, your clique, your homegirls and homeboys…There are so many different titles that we place on those that we consider friends. These are the individuals that we spend a lot of time around, maybe even years at a time, and share countless memories with. The ties that we have to these people can become so strong that we even begin to act exactly like them, mirroring everything that they do. From the way that they dress, talk, and carry themselves, we find ourselves picking up our friends’ habits. Some of these habits can be good ones and can help us move towards self improvement. Then there are those habits that are not ones that anyone should want to pattern.

When the bad habits of your friends start to rub off on you, could their negative influence keep you from reaching your goal? Could they be the stumbling blocks between you and your destiny?

We all know that no man can stop what God has in store for us. Whatever is in His will shall be and no matter how hard we, or anybody else may try there is no changing that will. As true as that is, there can be people who serve as “blessing blockers”. A blessing blocker’s role is to distract you, throw you off track from reaching your goal and receiving the blessings that are waiting for you. Often times, they are mistaken as friends when in actuality, they cause more harm than good; some of them taking on enemy qualities. And most of all, a number of these people don’t even have the same goals that you do; they aren’t looking for the progress that you are.

So if that’s the case, why are these people even in your circle?

If you are one who is serious about your education, then why are you surrounding yourself with people whose transcripts and report cards are flooded with D’s and F’s? Haven’t cracked open a book in God knows when.

If you are a person who is a go-getter, why does your clique consists of those who settle for less? The bare minimum is all they are striving for while you are constantly looking for ways to improve yourself.

If you are about change, then why are you in the midst of individuals who are complacent, no change necessary? They’re clearly not fans of President Obama’s theory.

Sometimes the people that we are associated with are the ones who are keeping us from receiving our blessings. Good people, yeah they may be. But do they hold the same things that you do in high regard? Are your values similar at all?

We don’t always notice it right away. It can take months or years for us to realize the truth about our company. The truth is that our company is not always helpful. They don’t always encourage us to do the right things. And when we think that these people are positive influences, they really are more of a hindrance to us.

We should be wary of the individuals that we hang around and choose our company with much caution.

They can be the very thing standing between us and the blessings that God has in store for you.

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