Praising God…A Capella

Can you praise God without a drum or piano to accompany you?

By: Taren Vaughan

As believers in God and His word, many of us make it a point to attend church services on a regular basis. And like most church services, there is a lot praising going amongst members of the congregation. And it is done in many different ways. Some people praise God silently, praying quietly to themselves and speaking to Him privately. Others clap, shout and scream His praises to the top of their lungs for everyone around them to hear. The one thing that is always present in a church for the most part no matter how you give God the glory is music.

This music, just like the praising that goes on, is shown to us in many forms. Organs and drums being played in the background as the preacher reaches the peak of his sermon. And music from the choir, with them bellowing out moving gospel songs that touch the hearts of congregation’s members.

But what if that wasn’t the case though?

What if no song was ever sung by a single solitary person? Or no key was ever touched on a piano?

Would you still be able to praise God just the same, give Him the glory A capella?

Take a professional singer for example. Here is a person that can sing well when accompanied by music but sounds even better when the instrumental stops playing; all we hear is their natural melody. When they sing A capella, it is truly coming from the soul. It is coming from them and them alone.

Now relate this to the way you praise.

Uplifting His name with your voice alone is more than enough for God. He can hear your voice loud and clear, giving Him thanks for all that He has done for you and what He is on the verge of doing in your life. And He can recognize that with or without the music playing behind you.

Hearing music can increase the level of showing your love for God. A lot of worshippers will say that their spirits are moved just that much more when they hear a touching song being sung. As that may be true, praising God ultimately can be done with no background noise at all.

Your willingness to shout out your praises to the almighty may be fueled by music.

But when the piano stops playing and the voices of the choir members begin to fade, will your praising of God be just as strong?

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