Are Pajamas The Next Trend?

pajamas rihanna

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we embark into a new season, we also embark into new fashion trends. And with each red carpet premiere for the blockbusters of the summer, fashion addicts are left to ponder on which looks will stick. And as of late, pajamas have made several appearances, with the help of one of music’s biggest fashionistas, Rihanna.

The Editor’s Take:

I try to be open minded with fashion, but I can’t see how wearing pajamas on the red carpet can be deemed stylish. Even in a pair of stilettos, Rihanna looks like she just hopped out of bed. I don’t care which big name designer signed off on these rags, I’m still highly disappointed that we’ve come to the point in fashion where rocking pajamas in public is acceptable.

I miss the short, black hair, cute short cut rockin’ Rihanna. Yeah she may be back to black tresses, but her style has been missing since the Chris Brown fiasco. I’m hoping she’ll cut off the silky weave and bring back the fierceness we all loved.

Until then, not even “Rebel Rihanna” can pull off pajamas…

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