When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Fight Over Twitter Beef Video Lands Teen in Jail

Tashay Edwards Twitter Beef


Twitter can bring out the worst in some people…but for the select few,  a new mugshot.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles


By this afternoon, it would be safe to assume that everyone has seen “The Twitter Beef” Video. In the very popular WorldStar Hip-Hop uploaded video, a 19 year old Ohio native by the name of Tashay Edwards is seen attacking and dragging another young woman off her own porch. Reeking in violence and profanity, Edwards didn’t even as much as flinch as she repeatedly punched the victim in her face, and proceeded to stomp (with both feet) on the young woman’s chest and head.

In the background Edward’s friends and camera lady pleaded for the 19 year old to stop before she “ends up killing the woman,” but Edwards would do no such thing until the victim was laid out in the front lawn, with hair extensions detached from her scalp.

While the Internet and Twitter began to praise the teen’s “fighting abilities,” as of Monday (April 16), Edwards was arrested and charged with assault for violating a temporary protection order. It has been revealed that the entire ordeal which has garnered over 2 million views, was a result of a Twitter spat.

What is more disgusting than the one-minute footage is the reaction and praise this young woman is receiving for acting like a typical hood-rat. Right now, you can go on Twitter and see the praise in live action, as adults are impressed that one woman can drag another off her own porch so effortlessly. My people..

The most disturbing fact of it all is that Tashay Edwards went after someone who already took out a protection order against her. As the victim refused to defend herself in the video, one has to wonder if the attacker is nothing more than the typical bully using the social media and trashy urban websites to stroke her ego.


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