Are We Just Going to Act Like…(Tracey Edmonds Edition)

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles



Are we just going to act like…

Tracey Edmonds doesn’t have the worst taste in men since divorcing Babyface?


The blogsophere may be going insane since Deion Sanders has announced to the entire universe (via Twitter) that his ex-wife stuck her foot up his ass with the help of a girlfriend in his own home, but I think the biggest news should be how Tracey Edmonds stays losing when it comes to picking partners. While I do get the seriousness of the situation and the terrible everlasting effect it could possibly have on the children, I am more astonished that Tracey could find Deion even remotely intriguing during his constant Twitter debacles.

Deion Sanders is a grown ass man who chooses to air out every detail of his shameful divorce on the internet. While this should be a red flag to most sensible women, Tracey seems to think it has nothing to do with her. This is most likely just a result of her undeniable arrogance.

This woman is clearly another example of the “He wouldn’t do that to me though” kind of chicks. Now you know the kind of women I am referring to. We all know at least one, and we watch them make some of the dumbest decisions when it comes to men because they think they’re either too cute or too good at sex to be mistreated the same way their man dogged the woman before them.

It is evident that Tracey probably deems herself too attractive to be played, but I damn sure wouldn’t pursue the grown man who airs out his dirty laundry for the entire Twitter Universe to see. Deion has confirmed that he is just too selfish and immature to have a mature divorce. I am not condoning Pilar behaving like a hood-rat, but he has been just as immature as the woman he is filing a police report on.

And let’s not forget that before Deion there was Eddie Murphy. The same man who denied his own daughter until the DNA test results proved he was a liar. And even then, he still refused to be a father. And despite any of this, there was Tracey, rushing to altar. They never officially married, but Tracey has made it clear that she is still attracted to men with issues and some very serious baggage.

Women should be careful when we pursue emotionally unstable men. No matter how much we think we bring to the table, the way a man treats other women that it didn’t work out with is a great indication of how he will treat us when things get hard…and believe me, they will.

Lesson Number Two: You ain’t too cute to get your feelings hurt, too.


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