Kim & Kanye: Can We Stop Pretending That These Two Warrant Jealousy?

I tried to hold my peace, but some things require a journalistic correction. Let’s stop abusing the term “hate” and wasting it on people who have nothing else going on for them besides money.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

I told myself that I would try not to get into the whole Kim Kardashian and Kanye West publicity stunt (or real relationship) debacle that the mainstream Gossip Blogs keep falling for. This is for several reasons, with the main reason being that as a magazine, we cannot behave like a gossip blog. Certain things we just can’t entertain, but what is real is always fair game for our editors. And what I cannot ignore is the apparent delusion that some of Ms. Kardashian’s fans seem to have as of late. It’s one thing to adore a celebrity, but when it is at the expense of black women, surely we have a problem.

You see, Kim Kardashian may have her little delirious fans fooled, but no one around these parts is buying any of it. To this day, Kim has not demonstrated any sort of talent to justify any of her fame and fortune. In fact, Kim’s career or “fame” didn’t occur until she let Brandy’s little brother pee on her in his wretched and boring version of a sextape. People who worship money praise this woman for turning lemons into lemonade (or sextapes to a million dollar empire), but I reserve my praise for women who use talents outside of sex to create multimillion dollar empires that won’t shame their entire family.

No one is mad at for Kim for sexing her boyfriend at the time or making a raunchy tape while being in a committed relationship…but we’re salty as hell that she feels so damn entitled to Hollywood when she doesn’t exhibit any kind of talent.

And do the cameras ever stop rolling for Kim? One wouldn’t think so since most of her “relationships” begin and end for the cameras. How can a woman who is not even 35 years old already be damn near divorced twice, and dating again before the most recent divorce is even final?

In the real world, Ms. Kardashian is no trophy, no prize, and definitely not a winner outside of non her deserved fame and millions as a result of getting lucky in a society stumped with zombies. If we take away the money she and her family have received for absolutely nothing other than fame-whoring, what does Kim really have? Kim is a woman who can’t stay married, and can’t seem to find a respectable man that wants to be seen with her in public besides self hating black men (and an aloof NBA basketball player looking for a come up).

Black women have nothing to be jealous of. Kim was beautiful, but she traded in her natural beauty for a swollen 45 year old woman’s face. Her other ASSets were also most likely purchased, as her figure looks nothing like it did in her Paris Hilton sidekick days. There are plenty of more beautiful women walking around without the cameras, who didn’t need any surgery to feel good about themselves.

Kim’s loyal fans continue to attempt to put black women in our places by their erroneous lies of jealousy. Why should a naturally beautiful black woman be jealous of a plastic blow up doll that got noticed because of a sex tape with Ray J?

Not to kick Kim when she’s down, but it’s obvious that Kim’s self-esteem has been purchased.

Kim’s choice of men are laughable, with Kanye being the least impressive of them all. I used to like Kanye’s music, but since his Mother passed, he’s been such a jackass that the president has labeled him so twice.If our first black president can’t even respect you past some dope tracks, it’s not saying much about Kanye as a person. And this is who Kim is smashing now? Great going Kim.

This chick has been riding reality television’s coattails for a few years now, and she still has not managed to take any educated and marriage material brothers off the market. Just rich, new money coons happy to have anything other than a sister on the arm. Not every black woman wants to date limited vocabulary having rappers and professional athletes. Good riddance.

The whispers of Kim’s tactics of getting and smashing famous men is so pathetic, I do hope that for her sake none of them bear any truth. Because only a desperate woman uses her body to get attention from men.

It’s 2012, we have a black president and a black first lady. So can we please stop acting like black women need to feel inferior to washed up reality chicks who have reputations of being run through by most of the professional athletes and coon acting rappers in the business? We don’t want to be her, and pity her existence completely.

If Kanye and Kim want to be  together, that is their choice. Let’s just keep things in perspective. Most Black women are busy launching empires with their smarts, nabbing college degrees, becoming first ladies, starting families, and making history without selling our souls. And yes honey, we should be celebrated, not ridiculed for refusing to worship a woman who isn’t worthy of  her dominant and unwanted presence on the black mainstream blogs.

Most of us have figured out a way to be successful without the Ray Js of the world. I can’t tell you how much better success feels when there isn’t naked pictures of you widely available on the internet and old sex tapes looming over your shoulders.

Let’s be careful who we praise.


  1. I can’t even tell you how happy I am that you wrote this article! My biggest problem with Kim is how her so called fans get on the black blogs and attack black women for not supporting her. They dog out our features, hair, etc because we see Kim for what she is. She got famous because of a sex tape! Why should we praise her? And only black men see this woman as a trophy. You can go on the white blogs now and they see her nothing more than a whore. To think black women should feel inferior to this kind of woman shows the underlying problems in our community.

  2. This couple is a joke. They don’t seem genuine. I really think both are two selfish to love other people. Just my thoughts.

  3. Kim is one of those chicks that will have men laughing behind Kanye’s back. It is never a good look to date the one female who has the reputation of being passed through the entire industry of professional athletes. Kanye has really just fallen off the deep end. How do you go from speaking up against George W. to dating and kicking it with a Kardashian? I have lost all respect for Ye’.

  4. I can’t agree with u more!!!!!….now let me start off by saying that nobody is perfect…NOBODY!!! We all have flaws n we all have done things we regret, BUT what kind of RESPECTABLE woman get jealous over some trash like Kim, first of all she’s a NOBODY, I’m still shocked that she has “fans”, she make us as women look so bad and she is a prime example of why men don’t give give women the respect we deserve because there’s sluts like her who sold her soul just for fame. What has she done for charity?? What has she done for a good cause?? Do she go to communities n help the less fortunate?? I have never heard about her doing any good for humanity. And black women are suppose to be jealous of her????!!!!!!…why, because she open her legs to anybody that has a stick swinging between their legs n money n their pockets. Black women are strong, intelligent and we don’t have to pay for a booty or breast because it comes natural to us. And since her “fans” wanna get technical lets take it there…’s a known fact that men of other races have fantasies about us at least once in their life , they love our NATURAL curves and our aggressiveness. Kim is a washed up wanna be who thrive the spot light because she don’t have any intelligence or goals to do anything and she too lazy to make her own money. I honestly didn’t even know who the hell she was until a yr ago. Now I LOVE kayne west, he is a great producer n artist, but he thrive off the spot light also n they just using each other for publicity but the difference between the two…when its all done n when kayne get bored and throw her away he will still be making money with his music but she will have to hurry up n find somebody else to pay her way.

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