Sound Off: Should Keyshia Cole Retire From Reality TV And Just Stick to Music?

Are you feeling another round of reality TV for the R&B star?

By: Taren Vaughan

Not afraid to reveal her personal triumphs and struggles with the world, Singer Keyshia Cole gave us all a true look into her life through the reality series Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is. Despite the family turmoil and drama that went down, the show managed to rake in the viewers, becoming one of the top rated shows on BET. The success of her first series was fuel enough for the songstress to step back into the reality TV world for a second time. Now married with a child, Keyshia Cole: Family First (working title) is said to capture a different side of her as a mother and wife. But even with that in mind, there are a lot of mixed feelings about her doing another show:

“I’m not a fan of reality TV at all period so I hope she doesn’t go through with it. I caught a few episodes of “The Way It Is” to see what it was about only because Keyshia Cole is one of my favorite singers. Other than that, I would have never given the show a chance at all. Basketball Wives, Bad Girls Club, anything in the reality TV show arena is not my thing.”

Shamya B.
Age: 24
Kernersville, NC

“I Love Keyshia Cole just like the next person and have been a huge fan of her since she first hit the music scene. But I think she needs to chill out on the reality TV shows. I understand the fact that she wants to show her fans and critics that she is down to Earth, a “keep it real” artist but that can be done in other ways off the air.”

Lauren H.
Age: 21
Louisville, KY

“Now I have to admit I got plenty of good laughs out of Frankie and her antics but I don’t think another round of the drama is necessary. What I’m really ready for another album. And I hope her doing another reality series doesn’t keep her from the studio too long doing what we love to hear her do, sing.”

Janay M.
Age: 33
Oxon Hill, MD

“Call me crazy but I think she should do another one. Even though reality shows are receiving major backlash at the moment, Keyshia Cole is bringing one that is more family oriented, officially letting her fans in on her life as a mother and wife. It’s not going to be an hour worth of weave pulling and bottle throwing or women calling each other everything but a child of God. It might have its drama-filled moments but I think it will be something worth watching.”

Charmaine K.
Age: 19
Marietta, GA

Should she just focus on making music and let the reality TV go? Or are you ready for another dose of Frankie and fam?

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