Undateables: The Sleazy Facebook Guy

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A reader sends in a few photos of Facebook activities from a guy you really shouldn’t date.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Facebook has a way of showing us the truth about people, while simultaneously operating as a platform for fake personae and the annoying newly deep people. For every motivational and philosophical status, there is a ratchet one that serves as the perfect example as to why some people just aren’t dateable. I have lost count of the number of times a man or woman has done something so incredibly immature that I realized right then and there why they are still single. I may come off a little judgmental, but even something as superficial as our social network reputations can keep our chances of real love severely limited. Interestingly enough, it is our social networking persona that can play a huge factor in the kinds of people we attract romantically.

Ever wondered why the chick with all the half-naked profile pictures and booty shots photo album only pulls men that want to sleep with her and walk away? Her social networking image is that of a woman you don’t settle down with, and most men will treat her accordingly.

Regardless, the rule isn’t limited to just one gender. In fact, many women miss the signs that a man is undateable when they choose to ignore his terrible behavior on Facebook. While men will have no problems judging women based off their looks, wardrobes, and Facebook photo albums; women will make excuses for bad social networking behavior out of fear of not having many dating options.

Regardless of not wanting to be alone, some men give plenty of evidence that women who want marriage, healthy relationships, and a family ought to avoid them. Case in point, the typical Sleazy Facebook Guy.

A reader sent in a few photos, and there’s a lesson to be learned from every single one of them.

Lesson #1: Beware of the guy who has no problem showing you just how little he respects sex and women in general.

This guy sees sex as nothing more than a way to feel like more of a man. He’s the type that doesn’t really want to get to know a woman before sleeping with them, and feels like only his “ole lady” deserves the satisfaction of being respected and while every other woman is obligated to satisfy his premature sexual expectations.

In reality, this guy has it totally twisted. The truth is a woman isn’t obligated to do anything for a man she isn’t married to. Especially sleep with him. Men have gotten used to playing house so much that women are expected to perform wifely duties (such as late night screws to men who don’t plan on committing) for nobodies. If a man refuses to get to know you emotionally before experiencing you physically, he isn’t the type of man likely to walk down the aisle.

Lesson #2: If he can’t even respect monogamy on Facebook, there shouldn’t be any doubt that he doesn’t in real life. This guys feels he blatantly needs to prove to the world that he regularly enjoys juggling multiple women romantically. You shouldn’t date the guy that feels he still has something to prove to strangers, and a Facebook audience. Insecure guys rarely make good partners.

He could be just itching for a little Facebook attention, but no man who really believes in monogamy would post statuses that suggest otherwise. This is immature and pretty much something a grown man just shouldn’t do. Since immaturity is lacking in this status, any thought of pursuing this guy should be eliminated.

Lesson #3: Never pursue any guy that uploads his most recent sexual conquests to his Facebook photo albums. He’s letting you know immediately that your business could easily be sacrificed for someone else’s entertainment if you do the stupid thing and date him. Not to mention that it’s pretty clear that he lacks any real respect for any woman he sleeps with. And regardless of how easy he may think the women are who agreed to sleep with him before any kind of commitment, can’t we all agree that he is actually more sleazy than them for posting these photos to Facebook?

Can you imagine dating someone who felt the need to blast every detail of your relationship to anyone willing to log in to their Facebook account? Me either.

Now I know many of you will easily scoff at these¬† photos since you are well aware of how undateable “men” like these are…but there are plenty of women will pursue these kinds of guys because they think they can change them with their good lovin’. But men like these don’t need to be saved, they need to be avoided. It is not our place or purpose to change another grown person. If someone is good for you, they won’t need any altering.Pay attention to the evidence and leave the sleazy Facebook guy to his own impending demise.

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  1. This guy is disgusting. I can’t believe someone could have the nerve to act like that on Facebook. And who were the ratchet people liking his stats? Just gross.

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