I Would Have Sex With Kim Kardashian (Raw and Uncensored)


Just another column written by an educated black man who doesn’t spare feelings or wife reality TV stars.

By: Mike J.


I would f-ck Kim Kardashian.

Not because she stimulates me with her witty, intellectual conversations.  She doesn’t sexually arouse me because she demonstrates every womanly trait I envision in a potential wife. When I see her I don’t see long-term, I wouldn’t hold her hand in public, and the only reason I think she is exotic is because she is a non-black chick with a black girl’s booty.

Despite any of this, black women are so intent on telling me otherwise.

I find it amazing that black women know so much about the black man that they can always seem to tell us what we are thinking. What is even more bizarre is their unique ability to take the dumb ass comments on blogs from ignorant fools with no college education and attribute to them some kind of truth or microscope on the average black man with a college education.

Hollywood gives off this unrealistic illusion that makes it hard for people to separate photo opps from reality.

The real question is not why do black men want Kim Kardashian, the question should be why are you interested in any man who sees her as more than sex? Kim’s come up was a sex tape. Any dude with some sort of intelligence ain’t trying to wife the chick that busted it wide open for the world to see. Double standards are what we live by.

The kind of woman a man sees as wifeable is a sure indicator of one’s maturity level. Black women feel like they are loosing men to the Kim K’s of the universe, but are these the kind of men you should pursue? The ones who want to wife shorty from a popular sex tape? Black women have to stop comparing themselves to women like Kim Kardashian.

I’m a grown ass man with a Master’s Degree and a great career, and I ain’t checking for her. But yes, I would fu-k her.


  1. I respect the honesty in this article. But it still seems like Kim pulls successful black men though, so I still have to wonder why that is. Kim has dated rich athletes and music artists. Most of her haters wish they could pull those kinds of men. Just sayin!

  2. @ Heather

    I knew your type would come. Define success. Is it a lot of money? If that is how you define success, then we could say Superhead is successful. How about the star stripper at that raggedy ass strip joint the hood dudes frequent every night? She makes more money than these chicks with college degrees. So according to your logic, she’s successful right? Dating a rapper or a professional athlete shouldn’t be a life achievement to anybody. They are usually some of the dumbest people on the planet who got lucky. In 10 years most of them will be broke, unless they have some business sense like Magic Johnson. And the Magic Johnsons of the world don’t date reality stars. Some of you chicks’ standards are too low. You have been watching too much reality tv or smoking on that good ish ma.

  3. Heather, don’t be so delusional. Kanye is not all that and dating him ain’t a come up for a woman who claims to be such a “business woman.” He’s arrogant and selfish. He couldn’t even keep Amber Rose’s bird ass because his attitude is so nasty. Kim still has the worst taste in men, and that is because she can’t get much else because of her image! Loved the column, keep em coming.

  4. Black women can be so hateful! Why go in on Amber Rose though? She left Kanye and got engaged. I feel like she was totally misunderstood. But Kim, she is a whore for sure. She was friends with Kanye’s fiance and broke them up. She is way worst than Amber in my opinion. Glad to see a black man who isn’t throwing her on a pedestal.

  5. Kanye has been off since his mother died. He does not in any way speak for or symbolize all black men. Personally, I think too many black women take these blogs too seriously. Congrats on the column my dude.

  6. @ D, thanks homie. @ Leela, no man cares if a big ass or nice breasts are “real” or not. Only women care about that.

  7. Interesting that you chose to use the picture of Kim with a sucker in her mouth, since all the guys who date her go out like suckers.

  8. Jenny,

    She WAS pretty, then she went overboard with the plastic surgery. How are you not even 40 with a saggy face? Raise your standards love.

  9. Now they say she is trying to get Kanye to marry her. She’s still married! What a gross excuse for a woman. I am just glad to see that some of our black men see through her games.

  10. To Mike and his stans,

    I’m not delusional. I’m just saying she took lemons (a sextape) and made lemonade (million dollar empire). I get why so many people hate her. People going to college, broke trying to pay back loans and she is filthy rich bc of her sextape fame. I guess ya’ll chose the wrong path out of life! Kim is winning. That’s all.

  11. Heather I’m assuming you’re one of those typical lost souls trying your damnedest to get a spot on some rauncy ass reality show on VH1. If you ever get on, you’ll be the typical hood rat in nice rags fighting over professional athletes who happen to be infected with STDs. It’s too easy.

    You can clown me and everyone else here who has college degrees, but when I get married, I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that I won’t find any pictures on the net of my wife hitting the spread eagle in the nude for some random dude. Oh my bad, I mean ex boyfriend who has a well known reputation in the industry for being a clown. I get money without making an ass out of myself, and that’s an accomplishment in this day and age. You take pride in the wrong things. Get away from the TV and learn to think for yourself.

  12. Whoa at some of these comments! Whoever made that comment about the sucker at 1:35 just gave me life honey! I could go in on Kim, but I really don’t have to seeing as that everything I wanted to say has been said. Great column and I am loving this magazine for the rawness. We need more conversations like these!

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