Who Was the Best Dressed at the 2012 Met Ball?

Which black starlet won our title for Best Dressed at the 2012 Met Ball?

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Vogue’s annual Met Ball went on as usual, but had tongues wagging from some of the dress choices from a few of Black Hollywood’s biggest stars. In particular, Beyonce (as usual) became the biggest topic as she appeared in a sexy gown that showed off her fabulous post baby physique. While there were many notable looks from La La Anthony, Paula Patton, Rashida Jones, and Alicia Keys; we tend to only remember a few.

But when it comes to great fashion, it’s always those looks no one can seem to stop talking about. While Beyonce was most definitely a show stopper, who topped Urban Belle’s Best Dressed list for the 2012 Met Ball? Was it Rihanna, Solange, or Beyonce? Here’s a last look and breakdown of what each wore:

Rihanna strutted down the red carpet in a long Tom Ford dress made out of Crocodile. Gorgeous dress, but Rihanna seemed to lose motivation when it came to a hairstyle.  Her makeup was flawless as usual.

Solange stayed true to the Spring fashion trends and rocked a gorgeous canary gown designed by Rachel Roy. The second half of the famous Knowles sisters always seems to rock bright colors effortlessly. Her hair (wig) was big, fun, and absolutely perfect for the overall look.  The glamorous clutch completed the look and reminded me just why Solange’s fashion sense is to be praised.


Beyonce stunned onlookers by rocking a full lace sexy Givenchy Haute Couture gown. The dress was one of the most revealing we’ve seen Bey wear ever, and it happens to be right after the birth of Baby Blue Ivy. Her figure is amazing and subtle makeup and less jewelry kept the gown from being too much for the event. The purple train was the perfect accent to this design.

So who slayed the most?

That’s easy.

Solange. Not only did Miss Thang pay homage to the Spring Time and rock big hair with plenty of sass, but she had the right amount of trend, classic, glamour and fearlessness in one look.This season is all about big color, so a black dress is too easy to top no matter who wears it.

Who’s your pick?


  1. My pick is King Bey. I’ve never seen Beyonce that sexy before and she’s doing it with light makeup and less jewelry. That train gives me life!

  2. So no one is going to talk about how Rihanna looks like a giant rooster in that out of season crocodile dress? Ok, I will play along.

    But I love Solo’s look the best too. Beyonce never seems to seal the deal with any of her outfits and Rihanna hasn’t been fly since she dropped the stylist and started dressing herself.

  3. King Bey? Yes. Fashion forward? Not even close. Beyonce looks like a feather duster. She just can’t be stylish. Solange wipes the floor with both of em.

  4. Queen is obviously a Rihanna hater. She had the best look hands down. Why Rihanna has so many haters continues to baffle me. Get your life.

  5. Rihanna stans always think someone is hating when we fail to see Rihanna’s outfits as stylish. For the last few months she’s been rocking the wardrobe of a crackwhore. Nobody wants to admit it because they’d have to admit she was never that stylish to begin with. Case in point, how many fabulous chicks do you know that would walk around with a dry ass blonde wig for two whole weeks? If you are going to wear wigs at least keep them brushed and hydrated. Now the shaven look? Rihanna fell off a long time ago.

  6. Beyonce strikes the same tired pose every time she wears a gown. Solange looks cute, Rihanna doesn’t wow me like she used to. It does seem like Rihanna doesn’t have a stylist anymore. I guess it’s part of her new “rebel” act.

  7. Solange for sure. She could teach Beyonce a thing or two bless her heart. Beyonce always dresses like a bamma. I agree with the others in Rihanna being overrated when it comes to style. She hasn’t been fly since her Umbrella days in my opinion.

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