Never Too Old For Change: God Is Always Working On Us

God continues to work on us no matter what age we are.

By: Taren Vaughan

A work in progress is what many of us tend to refer to ourselves as. Not nearly at the point of perfection, but we have begun to take those necessary steps towards improving our lives and situations.  We are headed in the right direction and trying our hardest to block out those who try to trip us up on our journeys to self-improvement. We are striving to be better all around individuals, especially when it comes to continuously building our spiritual relationship with God. It gets to the point where not only are you noticing the changes within yourself but those around you are starting to see them as well. 

If you know like I know, personal growth feels so good to the soul, knowing that you have come along way from where you started months or even years ago. But does the process ever truly end though? Do we ever get to the point where we can not grow anymore or change the way we view or do things?

Here’s the funny thing about change. Some of us think that some how we are the ones in control of that, that we can do it all on our own with no help at all.  Changing ourselves and taking on the even bigger task of changing other people is a power that we possess.

But we fail to realize that change, true change that is, comes from one source only. And that is from God. He is the only one powerful enough to turn a person’s life around, morph them into an individual that they never though they would be. God is the only one that can make an individual do a complete 180, unrecognizable to those who knew them before.

And the beauty of change through God is that it is ageless.

God is always working in our lives no matter how old we are. From our childhood years all the way through adulthood, He can instill change within us and in our lives at any given moment, the times and places where He sees fit. Even when we get to the point where we feel like we have grown so much from the person that we used to be, there is always room for improvement for God’s work with us is never done.

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