Shaunie O’Neal Says ‘Basketball Wives’ Movie Won’t Be A “Black Woman’s Story”

Shaunie O’Neal says upcoming Basketball Wives movie won’t be a black woman’s story.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

In the middle of all of the recent Basketball Wives controversy, Shaunie O’Neal has confirmed that she will be taking her “business woman” talents and VH1 franchise to the big screen. While the movie is supposed to be a more traditional scripted motion picture, she has already assured the media that the story will focus on a basketball wife’s experiences dealing with the new lifestyle it entails.

When asked about potential casting, she told Vibe that she plans to incorporate a more racially diverse cast this time around:

“We haven’t casted yet, but I wouldn’t call it a Black woman’s story. It’s going to be a multiracial cast. Of course, there will be Black women ’cause most of the NBA seems to be. But it is going to be multiracial.”

When asked whether the film would be anything like the train-wreck VH1 show that’s in the middle of a pretty nasty boycott and widespread internet petition:

“…it’s not about women sitting around arguing or lunching all the time. It’s an actual story. It’s a love story. It’s an empowering story. It’s funny. It’s life. It’s similar—we’ve taken a girl who’s just going into the NBA life and experiencing things and showing the whole story. She learns from the organization. She learns from other wives. And by the end of the story, it’s empowering for women and men. It’s so nothing like the TV show at all. No comparison.”

Why do I get the feeling that this “more diverse” cast won’t be asked to behave as ratchet as the predominately woman of color cast on TV? I think we all need a break from Shaunie, and her tired business concepts.

What are your thoughts?


  1. I really wish Shaunie would go sit down somewhere. The only reason she had connections to even start that trashy tv show was because she was married to Shaq. She thinks too highly of herself, and makes a mockery out of real black business women. No wonder she has hooked up with Tracey Edmonds to do this trash. Neither can keep a man and ride the wave of the connections they got from their more successful ex husbands.

  2. Shaunie is trying real hard to disassociate her self from her trashy franchise. She will try to redeem herself with this movie, but I feel it’s a little too late. Had people not created petitions and stopped watching she wouldn’t have seen a problem with what direction the show was going.

  3. Im probably going to be alone on this but I applaud Shaunie for trying to have her own money. She could have easily took Shaq’s money and just lounged around the house doing nothing all day. She doesn’t want to be that kind of woman. I don’t knock her for that. The show is terrible, but her desire to have a career is not.

  4. CiCi having your own money means nothing if you have to shame your own people to make the money. Shaunie is a failure in my book. It’s kind of like stripping…becoming inferior just for superior bank account. I can’t take her seriously, and most people don’t either.

  5. Why is every black woman on TV always a reputation for ALL black women? If people don’t like the show, don’t watch it. But the petitions and grand standing from everybody is just silly. How many of you watch the positive reality tv shows, like the one Mary Mary has? Exactly.

  6. Gia now you know that little argument of yours does not apply to black people. We’re still a minority race, so automatically one black woman acting ignorant on TV means all black women are ignorant to white people. When you don’t deal with a group of people in real life, what you see in the media becomes what you go by. Let’s not take the responsibility from Shaunie and her hood rat crew.

  7. @ Anon If someone has that failed logic you speak of, they are an idiot. A few women shouldn’t speak for the rest.

  8. I remember when Shaunie was falsely accused for having a secret bank account she hid from Shaq. It was later reported that the account in question belonged to Shaunie’s Nostrils, the true break out star of Basketball Wives.

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