Black Pastor Says Women Should Have Never Been Given the Right to Vote

Pastor Jesse Lee Peterson is no stranger to controversy, but his latest hate-filled sermon may have taken things to a whole new level.

By: A.J. Niles

 Pastor Jesse Lee Peterson is a right-wing pastor, whose polarizing messages can cause strong debates. Peterson the Founder and President of BOND, the Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny; is now being slammed in the media for vocalizing his belief that giving women the right to vote has single-handily ruined the nation.

During one of his most recent sermons in, Titled ” How Liberal Women Are Building a Shameless Society” , he proclaimed women are leading the United States down a path of wickedness because they have too much political power, according to the Daily Mail.

News One takes him to task on this sermon as well as Fox News [of all places].

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, an African-American Tea Party advocate, made his stupid-headed remarks during a sermon, if you want to call it that, back in March. But his comments are getting more attention as of late. The sexist pastor was a guest on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show last week when another guest, Kirsten Powers, called him out for his views on women’s rights.

When Powers took Peterson to task on his sermon, he tried backtracking from his remarks. Peterson deflected her criticism of his speech by bring up off-topic issues of feminism and “liberal women.” When Powers noted that he specifically spoke about women in general in his speech, Peterson continued to deflect her questions.

Let us know how much of an idiot you think he is below.


  1. This douche bag is the typical “Christian” extremist who believes women should stay in their place. Be seen and not heard. Yet, he’s a disgusting puppet for those racist tea baggers. Between him, Eddie Long, Crefflo, and all these other fake, attention seeking preachers; believers better start forming their own relationships with God.

  2. Just like a black man blaming women for everything and taking responsibility for nothing. He’s no different than the black men who blame the struggles of the black race on the black woman, but wanting us to also be submissive at the same time. How do you lead and follow? And this is supposed to be someone’s pastor. Scary.

  3. I have always felt like the black men that blame black women for our struggles most likely grew up in a home where the woman was the dominant figure, like a single parent home. They watched their mother be the head of the household, so they grow up expecting women to lead the community. It’s a true sign that we need more dialogue in our communities.

  4. This man is on the right wing’s payroll. They recruit stupid blacks and pay them to go on TV and talk that Tea Party reteric. They figure these “models” will lead other gullible blacks to the right side. Don’t get confused and take him seriously.

  5. Im not the most religious person, but I just wonder why do people put their religious hopes so much into human beings that call themselves preachers? Isn’t that a contradiction?

    1. Technically, we shouldn’t. The church’s original purpose was simply fellowship. While pastors are meant to encourage and teach, a person is supposed to have an independent relationship with God. We were never supposed to become dependent on any man. We’re supposed to the read the Bible ourselves. The only middleman between us and God is the Son.

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